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Tank traps Bolt in Thunders Arena with a head scissors

Bolt vs Tank - Bodybuilder Battle 96

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

It's the ultimate big man versus small man matchup when the massive powerhouse known as Tank collides with the athletic and lightening quick Bolt.

As Tank poses and flexes his massive musculature, Bolt interjects aggressively declaring that they are in HIS house, and that Tank is not welcome. Never a pushover, Tank unleashes a barrage of brutal punishment on his much smaller opponent, painfully toying with Bolt, locking him in bearhugs and boston crabs.

"Whose house is this again??" Tank asks as he nearly pulls Bolts arm out of the socket before taking him down and mounting him to pose arrogantly with an impressive front double biceps pose. Tank repeatedly tanks Tank down to the mat, casually asking him whose house they're in. Ever defiant, Bolt continues to insist that they are infact, in his house. Tanks responds be commending Bolt on his persistence, and locking his head in a brutal scissors hold, almost crushing it like a grape in between his massive and powerful thighs. 

"Whats wrong?" Tank asks condescendingly before blocking a wild punch and once again throwing Bolt to the mat with an impressive takedown. As Bolt refuses to admit defeat, Tank grabs him in a series of vicious bearhugs, throwing him unceremoniously down to the mat again and again.

With no quit in him thus far, Bolt charges the massive and muscled up Tank yet again in an attempt to take him down. Not one ounce of tanks granite hard muscle is phased as he dumps his opponent on the ground again. Bolt swings wildly out of desperation and manages to connect with a stiff shot to the back of the head. Unfortunately it serves to only anger the behemoth as an angry Tank violently and effortless throw Bolt into the ground again.

Tank wraps his tree trunk like legs around the head of Bolt again for another crushing head scissors submission hold, before painfully stretching him head to toe in modified surfboard stretch, using his power shoulders and crushing pecs to fold Bolt almost in half.

Tanks frustration grows as he grabs a shoulder ripping hammerlock and wraps thighs around the face of bolt for a modified head scissors submission hold. Bolts face is almost engulfed in massive bulging hamstring muscle Tank re-adjusts to tighten the hold.

Amazingly, Bolt digs deep and begins to fight back, tying up Tank is a painful leg submission, then tossing him to the mat with a takedown of his own. Struggling to roll the massive Tank onto his stomach, Bolt attacks the legs again, weakening his much bigger and stronger opponent. With his legs stretched and in pain. Tank fights his way to his feet on the defensive, as Bolt actually manages to grab his ripped and massive torso for a bearhug. Unable to match Tanks crushing  power, Bolt is unable to capitalize on his advantageous position, and Tank counters, using his devastating power to slam Bolt to the ground, before hoisting him up for a stunning gorilla press, letting the terrified Bolt take a helpless moment high above the ground to anticipate the pain and agony about to come crashing his way....