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Travis Bolt Thunders Arena Bow and Arrow Submission Bed submit

Bolt vs Travis - Bodybuilder Battle 97

$ 31.25

Bolt and Travis are two of the youngest and hottest stars of Thunders Arena, and they finally collide here in this epic battle, spanning across the entire household. Bolt has the advantage of skill and experience, while Travis has the brawn and muscle. The matchup starts with the shredded bolt and muscled up Travis comparing physiques, but things get heated fast, with Bolt shoving travis into the arena wall and unleashes a series of violent punches and knee strikes to the midsection. The chiseled abs of Travis, however, prove to be as rock hard as they look, as Travis shakes off the blows and grabs bolt in a vicious bear hug. Travis uses all of the power of his massive chest and arms to squeeze the air out of bolt before throwing him into the wall and landing some strikes to the six pack of his own. The resilient Bolt fight back locking in a bearhug of his own, but the massive Travis is almost too muscular to wear down, locking in a neck torturing full nelson. After some more back and forth action, the two youthful competitors break apart to engage in another posedown, this time really showcasing the battle of Bolts lean aesthetics versus Travis' granite hard mass. Its ego vs ego as the brash young wrestler compare abs, thighs, chests, and arms. Seemingly feeling outsized, the frustrated Bolt jumps Travis, hoisting him up onto his shoulders in an impressive firemans carry, using all of his strength to drive his shoulders into the jacked up torso of Travis. The two begin to trade full neslons back and forth, with Bolt using his skill and experience once again, seizing an opening to land another barrage of strikes to the abs of Travis, before locking in a painful hammer lock, reverse bearhug, and full nelson! The tenacious young Bolt is really trying to pull out all of the stops against his huge opponent. Shaking off the pain like a machine, Travis comes back actually ramming Bolts head into the concrete arena wall so hard its amazing he maintains consciousness. Travis beats on Bolt some more before stopping to flex his bulging biceps triumphantly, giving the unrelenting Bolt time to recover and land some more of his trademark ab strikes. The two athletes continue to to battle back and forth, with Travis lifting Bolt high above the mat with one arm! Not to be outdone, Bolt hoists Travis up into a firemans carry, saying its time to take him to the "secret spot". The two proceed to fight all over the house, trading full nelsons, gut punches, and chokeholds in the guest bedroom! Heaving Travis up onto the bed, Bolt kneels over his opponent, flexing arrogantly before continuing the assault with an impressive bow and arrow stretch and mounted sleeper hold. Snatching Bolt off the ned with a firemans carry, Travis storms into the living room training area, slamming Travis into the couch and interrupting a sparring session between Thunders stars BEAST and STEEL! Things breakdown into an all out four way battle as a chaotic exchange of vicious strikes and agonizing submissions erupts. As anarchy ensues, the heated rivals Bolt and Travis find themselves squaring off once again, ready to finally find out just who the better man is.......