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Bolt vs Voodoo King- Halloween Havoc 2021D

$ 30.00

The Voodoo King tortures Bolt

Meaty smashes Bolt lifting him in the air like a twink and smothering him in a tight chest to chest bearhug! Bolt is not one to step down and returns the favor lifting Meaty over his shoulders. He then stomps on his abs and chest. That is not enough and Meaty gets up locking in another bearhug nearly breaking every one of Bolt's ribs in the process. Bolt catches a flexing Meaty off guard and rips into him stretching his back to the absolute limit! Another bearhug is turned into a crushing over the knee backbreaker as Bolt has no mercy to give his masked opponent. ALL OF A SUDDEN, MEATY REACHES OVER TO AN UNSEEN VOODOO DOLL! He is torn away by Bolt, but Bolt gets caught up flexing allowing Meaty to get the evil doll! He uses the doll to repeatedly torture Bolt in agonizing stretches over and over and over! He pulls and tears at the doll all while Bolt feels the pain being inflicted by Meaty to the doll! He chokes him repeatedly as Bolt struggles with zero chance to escape The Voodoo King! He squeezes the doll in his bicep as Bolt fights. The Voodoo King enjoys the pain and makes Bolt ball claw himself. Bolt pleads for The Voodoo King to stop, but he will not until Bolt delivers a hard low blow as the doll falls away. An epic fight for the doll begins! Will Meaty get the voodoo doll back and finish the job? Or will Bolt find the power to use the doll himself? Halloween 2021 gets spooky intense to the finish!