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Bordeaux vs Loki - Lightning Match 15 Part 1

$ 25.95

Loki, the seasoned pro with rippling muscles and a chiseled physique, posed confidently for the camera, showing off his impressive form. But Bordeaux, the up-and-coming amateur with something to prove, was not content to be overshadowed. As Loki posed, Bordeaux stepped forward, his eyes fixed on his rival. Without warning, he wrapped his arms around Loki's waist, trying to take him down. But Loki was too quick, and he responded with a devastating bearhug, his powerful arms smothering Bordeaux's chest.

Refusing to be defeated, Bordeaux struggled to break free, but Loki was relentless. He locked in a full nelson, his biceps bulging as he exerted his strength. Bordeaux writhed in pain, but Loki showed no mercy. Suddenly, Bordeaux managed to fling Loki over his shoulder, slamming him onto the mat. Pinning his wrists to the ground, Bordeaux took a moment to catch his breath, but Loki was not out of the fight yet.

With a fierce determination, Loki rose to his feet, his muscles rippling with every movement. He lifted Bordeaux upside down, squeezing his ribs tighter and tighter until he dropped him on his head. Then, with lightning speed, he wrapped his legs around Bordeaux's head in a brutal head scissors, applying pressure until Bordeaux cried out in agony. It became clear that Loki's professional physique was too much for Bordeaux's amateur form. In the end, will Loki emerge victorious? Download part 1 and part 2 today and find out!