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Bordeaux vs Silas - Lightning Match 2

$ 31.59

DVD contains Lightning Matches 1, 2, 3

Silas sneaks up on Bordeaux (very creepily btw) while he is practicing his bodybuilding posing. Silas immediately begins insulting Bordeaux for being a rugby player. Bordeaux says that Silas will have to show him a thing or two before he can insult him to his face. Silas snatches Bordeaux in a vicious full nelson slinging him around the mat! Bordeaux writhes in pain until he flexes his pecs breaking out of Silas’s grip! 

Silas is not going to be flexed on by a new guy and jumps right back at Bordeaux. He wraps his bicep around Bordeaux’s thick neck and clamps down HARD! Bordeaux’s face turns red as he battles back but has no choice but to slowly pass out in Silas’s sleeper. Silas now has all the time he wants to feel on every one of Bordeaux’s muscles! When Bordeaux comes to, Silas has to put him back out to continue his muscle worship!

Bordeaux wakes to realize what is going on, but is it too late to stop Silas? Download Today and find out!