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Boxxy Rex head scissors double bicep flex pecs chest arms

Boxxy vs Rex - Custom Video Series 03 (Battle of the Body Scissors)

$ 25.95

Watch two bodybuilders battle it out to see who has the most powerful thighs and can get the most submissions by head scissors and most submission by body scissors.

Meet Boxxy, our new European muscle bound warrior. He is 6' 4" tall and 240lbs of pure power! Who better to put the new guy through his paces and see if he has the skills to back up those massive muscles than Rex! The egos are just about more than the room can handle with these two muscle beasts. Boxxy is a European champion kickboxer and gives as good as he gets! Rex knows that a body has to be in shape to survive here. Watch his pecs bounce as he has a flexes off against Rex showing off his broad back and powerful thighs. Boxxy claims the body scissors as his best move and teases Rex his thighs are too small to make someone submit in a body scissors. Not terribly impressed, Rex shows him how it's done! Rex lifts Boxxy right off the ground without even breaking a sweat in a powerful bearhug! They punish each other with head scissors and body scissors and bearhugs, while flexing and showing off their "guns" to each other. Let's see if this European Powerhouse can bring the pain to Rex! The first ever scissor challenge at Thunder's Arena is ON!