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Braden Charron over the knee backbreaker arms pecs

Braden Charron vs Archer - Mat Wars 53

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Archer has some fresh ink, as well as some newly defined muscle he shows off for the camera! Braden Charron has returned after a long break from Thunder’s. Braden talks trash and shows off all his bulging muscles with his bodybuilding poses. Braden starts teaching his poses to Archer, once he’s had enough Archer starts pushing Braden around and challenging him to wrestle. Archer gets Braden into a painful full nelson and then takes him to the ground to choke him and gut punch him.  Archer tells Braden he’s gotten weak while he’s been away and this is too easy. Braden doesn’t like that and puts Archer into a round of crippling bear hugs. Archer’s trying to catch his breath, but Braden’s just getting started, he starts to overhead press him and then drops him into an agonizing backbreaker where he puts Archers abs to wok. Braden flips Archer back over and stretches his back and chest to the limits with a surfboard. Braden continues his assault by flipping Archer’s legs into a back breaking boston crab, then flexing and trash talking him.  Not giving up without a fight Archer flies onto Braden’s back and begins choking him out. While Braden’s struggling to catch his breath Archer begins flexing all his bulging muscles over Braden, showing off his lean and mean body. He then picks Braden up into a camel clutch before dropping him and taking him all the way into a tormenting full nelson. Braden’s recovered enough to retaliate and start choking out Archer and get him into a fireman’s carry. Will Archer concede defeat or will he fight back to the victory? Get your download or DVD today to find out.