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Braden Charron Wolf Double pec claw clawhold submission chest

Braden Charron vs Wolf - Rough & Ready 73

$ 34.75

Braden is looking great, smooth and defined, even in his offseason bulk, while bearded, hirsute Wolf's superb conditioning is impressive in other ways. This seems like a mismatch between the vastly experienced Braden and the novice Wolf...and from the posing practice that begins this encounter, Braden is obviously confident in his superiority. But Wolf seizes his opportunity to attack from behind, as Braden shows off his double-bicep shot. Driving the bodybuilder to the mat, Wolf wrenches Bradens wrists into the small of his back, and when Braden struggles, Wolf gouges his eyes to slow him down. He continues to work over Braden's arms and shoulders, then poses over his victim, kicking Braden in the gut for good measure.

The two lock up, and Braden puts a front facelock on Wolf, then slams his meaty forearm into Wolf's back. While try ing to get another facelock on Wolf, Braden is stopped by a brutal lowblow. Wolf poses over him, until Braden leaps up and gets Wolf in a bearhug that lifts him off his feet. Braden throws Wolf to the mat and kicks him, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Another bearhug on Wolf, another slam to the mat, and then Braden just picks Wolf up and delivers another slam. He hauls his dazed opponent to his feet and maneuvers him into position for a devastating piledriver. Braden rightly poses over the fallen Wolf. But that's not enough revenge- Braden delivers another brutal piledriver, and counts Three as he poses over the loser, one foot planted in Wolf's back.

Braden is ready to punish Wolf for his initial attack, and hauls him to his feet onto his shoulders into a rack. Braden shows off, pressing Wolf easily, then drops him hard to the mat. Braden bulldogs Wolf facefirst into the mat.

In an attempt to recover, Wolf slaps Braden in the chest, and Braden bitchslaps Wolf in return, which earns him a second bulldog into the mat. Has Braden exacted sufficient revenge on Wolf, or what more brutality is in store? Might Wolf stun the pro with an unexpected finishing maneuver of his own?