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Brando vs Tristan - Custom Video Series 175

$ 31.59

Tristan steps on the mat and goes through his stretching routine! Each shredded muscle on Tristan's body contracts and stretches in front of the camera. That is until Brando walks in with his "knockout list". Take a guess who's name is next in line?

Tristan has absolutely no fear facing Brando! He steps up nose to nose and flexes in Brando's face. Tristan locks Brando up in a test of strength to launch the action! A best 2 out of 3 falls match is agreed on and the two bulls lock up! Brando nearly rips Tristan's wrists off his arms and pushes him to his knees on the mat. Tristan cocks back and SLAMS his fist into Brando's balls! Brando crumbles to the mat and Tristan is visibly gaining confidence! He rakes at Brando's eyes and then slams Brando into the wall and rakes his back over and over! Brando is suffering from the pain Tristan is inducing!

Tristan brings out a dark side and brutally strikes and rakes at Brando's body again and again leaving no room for Brando to even breathe! Tristan applies a kneeling hangman and chokes Brando nearly unconscious! Tristan is on a roll now dealing out punishment with an arsenal of wrestling moves. On top of his hard hitting wrestling moves, including sleepers, camel clutches, Boston crabs, and many brutal strikes! On top of that, Tristan aggressively attacks Brando with dirty moves like low blows and ball grabs!

In what could be Brando's first real pain test on the mat, Tristan puts on a stellar performance! Can Brando fight back hard and dirty enough to put Tristan down? Download today and find out!