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Brazil vs. Johnny V - In Your House 03

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

WARNING - This match is a muscle worship wrestling match. Viewer discretion is advised.

Brazil is in his hotel room admiring the downtown Chicago views when a worked up Johnny V slams his hotel room door and begins to instigate a fight. The two clash with a tie up that turns to Brazil noticing the shredded muscles of Johnny V. After a few moves traded back and forth the muscle worship heats up with Johnny V taking control of the muscular physique of Brazil. TIGHT bearhugs traded from both wrestlers lead to Brazil trying a dirty trick to slow down Johnny V to no avail. The bodybuilder gets frustrated and begins to simply use his developed muscles to outpower Johnny V. The wrestling makes it way to the bedroom with both wrestlers using the bed as a landing pad for their opponent. Using their physiques (and pillows) to take advantage of the other, both guys lock in full nelsons, bearhugs, fireman carries, camel clutches, and sleeper holds in the hotel bedroom to try and finish the match. All while not missing a chance to feel and admire their shredded physiques. The match leaves one wrestler at the bottom of a cold shower and one leaving the hotel room with newly earned respect in Thunders Arena.