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kasee ball and chain brazil

Brazil vs Kasee - No Holds Barred 161

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Kasee fans, get ready to witness a DARK SIDE that you've never seen before! The vet is doing push ups when he's stomped face first into the mat by the 210lbs muscle beast. "I'm just trying to get a pump on. You got a problem?" Kasee continues when Brazil stomps him harder and harder until he finally quits. "You need more size, more weight. These little arms, see how tiny and flat you are!" mocks the behemoth. The vet is not intimidated flexing a double bicep, "Look at the sexiest man here buddy!" Both hunks compare their chiseled frames; when out of nowhere, Brazil headlocks Kasee down to the mat SMOTHERING his face against his beefy pec, "You're so little, like a baby!" A fire begins to ignite inside the vet as he breaks away lifting the muscle beast in a brutal belly to belly bearhug, "Who's the baby now?" "Get off me!" groans the behemoth as he's shaken around and tossed down. Back on their feet, the titans lock up until Kasee is TACKLED on his back! "This is power; stay down!" orders Brazil as he mounts his victim flexing his bulging biceps and starts choking the vet with his meaty forearms. Kasee struggles to breathe but summons his strength and launches Brazil across the mat! With the beast still down, the vet delivers a NECK-BREAKING full nelson as he screams in pain. "Get up! Can you still feel your arms?" The muscle hulk is dragged to his feet with the hold on tight powerless to escape, "Let me go! I'm gonna kick your a**!" Brazil struggles but finally flexes out flipping Kasee on his back and locks in a crushing full nelson of his own. "You're strong!" moans the vet; his suffering doesn't last too long though as he drops to his knees flipping the giant off him! With his victim laid out, a devious Kasee grabs Brazil's arm between his own legs and forces him to his feet as he howls in agony. "It's like walking my dog. I own you; you can't do anything!" The beast claws at his torturer's face to escape, but it only get worse as Kasee traps his other arm also and YANKS up sending Brazil crashing to the mat in agony! You think he is finished, but his beating continues: a grueling banana split and loads of dirty tricks have the beast writhing in pain. "Deep breaths, you gotta give!" orders Kasee. "Please man, stop it!" begs the behemoth who refuses to submit rolling to his belly completely gassed; his tiny green trunks struggle to contain his thick glutes. The vet goes for a crossbody pin when not one but multiple slaps to his behind send him into a BLIND RAGE! "What was that?" yells Kasee. "You gonna do something?" taunts Brazil. "Yeah let's go!" A dark side emerges as Kasee unleashes on the big man: leg-breaking Boston crab, camel clutch, SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, tight full nelson. The behemoth is struggling; his hulking frame is powerless to escape as he gasps for air, "I'm getting exhausted!" Kasee shows no mercy bending Brazil's fingers trying to break his hand and picks him up in a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug! The 210 pounder cries out and begins worshipping Kasee's chest and biceps sending him over the edge, "Quit touching me!" Brazil goes limp in the powerful embrace and crumbles to the mat. Can the behemoth recover? A crushing head scissors, dirty trick, massive shoulder carry, and devastating torture rack lead to a final HORRIFIC promise, "I'm gonna break your back!"