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Bolt arm lock on Brian Cage quads

Brian Cage vs Bolt - Ring Wars 21

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Oh boy, this is gonna be good!

Bolt: “I’m here to tell you, you’re not that great.”

Cage: “Let me guess, you’re going to tell me that you’re the greatest.”

Bolt: “No, I’m here to BEAT you so I WILL be the greatest!”

Fighting words indeed, ones which Bolt backs up as he rams Cage into the corner!  Cage seems shocked by the smaller guy’s audacity as his abs are battered by Bolt’s shoulder barges.  In a shocking display of power, Bolt actually picks the monster up and slams him down!  But holding a guy the size of Brian Cage down, is far from easy, especially so early in the match.  Cage recovers and picks up Bolt, throwing him up over his shoulder in the beginnings of a Razor’s Edge!  “Put me down!”, screams Bolt – be careful what you wish for, as Cage puts Bolt down spine-first onto his shoulder, then drops down to the canvas, his massive shoulder brutally jarring the spine of his smaller opponent! A brutal clothes-line off the ropes and Bolt starts to realise what he’s gotten himself into.  Cage easily picks the lighter man up into a bearhug, engulfing his prey in his muscle mass!  Bolt writhes in pain, but manages to escape, clambering over Cage’s mountainous body like and slapping on a sleeper hold!  It’s nowhere enough though, and Bolt is savagely dropped across Cage’s knee. You have to give Bolt props though – even after he’s thrown from one corner of the ring to another, he still keeps fighting!  A running barge off the ropes end in failure though as the hapless Bolt runs straight into a vicious slam to the canvas!  And we’re only five minutes in!

Trying a cross-body off the ropes, Bolt finds himself caught and trapped across the massive chest of Brian Cage.  GORILLA PRESS!!! The fear in Bolt’s face is visible for all the world to see as he looks down from high above Cage’s head.  Brian doesn’t just drop him, oh no – he Powerslams him into the canvas!  He doesn’t give up though, and Bolt surprises with an amateur takedown, followed by several punches and drops to the big man’s awesome pecs!  With his body beginning to look like his red trunks, Bolt drives knees and fists into the bodybuilder, trying to weaken him down.  He tries to clothes-line Cage off the ropes – “Let’s get real” Cage says, before scooping Bolt up and savagely slamming him down in an OTK backbreaker!  Scooping him up for another sidewalk slam, Boltacts in desperation and wraps his legs around Cage’s head for a FLYING HEADSCISSORS!  A snapmare out of the corner and Bolt has Cage stretched out!  “What you got?” asks Bolt “Get up”. But a kick in the corner is a kick too far and Cage’s face becomes contorted with rage!  Bolt runs in, only to be met with a knee raise from Cage, followed by a power suplex (during which Brian Cage actually does quats!), which crashes the manhandled Bolt to the ground!  Brian’s brutality comes to the fore as he steps on Bolt’s hamstrings with all his weight, then jumps and rams his knees into the canvas!  Scooping him up again, he throws Bolt back first onto the top turnbuckle!  Another backbreaker, and a RUDE AWAKENING NECKBREAKER!  Somehow Bolt kicks out and manages to DDT the big guy for a two-count! Begrudgingly admiring Bolt’s tenacity, Cage gives us a gun show before proclaiming that his opponent is done.  Bolt begs to differ though, fighting back and giving us a gun show of his own!

HOLY S**T! Bolt lifts Cage up across his chest and actually walks around with him before slamming him down!  Only a one-count, but still darned impressive!  But Cage just has too much power, too much mass to be held down.  Driving Bolt to the ropes, Cage unloads with kicks and punches before whipping him to the opposite corner, where Bolt crashes hard!  A sadistic, brutal look flashes across Brian’s face as he wraps his huge legs around Bolt’s torso, crushing the poor victim with no remorse!  Bolt is wrecked and Cage is standing tall – not where Bolt wants to be!  Cage mounts Bolt’s back for a most muscular camel clutch, trapping Bolt with nowhere to go!  Bolt finally taps!  The match might be over, but the fight continues – a splash off the ropes, slams, a vicious arm bar and a picture-perfect finishing move that has one wrestler submitting again and again!