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Brian Cage vs Brute - Ring Wars 01

$ 31.25

Thunder's Arena is proud to announce a new series... RING WARS!

And our first match pits Brian Cage (6', 255#) against Brute (6'2", 265#). Both of these muscle gods have pro wrestling experience and the ring is the perfect setting to display their skills and athleticism. Brute starts trash talking Brian Cage, mocking him and saying he, "is not the biggest" on the roster. Brian Cage steps up and challenges Brute tot a little flex off, first with single biceps then double back biceps. The two go back and forth, hurling insults and fluffing their own egos as they spout their bodybuilding accomplishments. Brian Cage assures Brute that he is a bodybuilding champ and that he is also a wrestling champ. The two massive men tie up and quickly Brian Cage pushes Brute back and into a corner where he applies a hammer lock. The two pros exchange headlocks and Brute pushes Brian Cage into a corner and flexes to show his superiority. But it is short-lived as Cage delivers a vicious kick to the stomach and then drags Brute's face along the length of the rope before smashing his head into the turnbuckle. Cage then asks the still reeling Brute, "Want to go around the world?" and drags his battered opponent from corner to corner, smashing his head into each of the turnbuckles. Brute falls to the mat, his head and neck just outside the ropes which Brian Cage exploits, wrapping his thigh over Brute's shoulder, he pushes his throat down onto the rope, choking him. Cage relents and Brute goes on the offensive. A kick to the gut and an elbow to the head sends Brian cage backward into another corner where Brute continues his assault with more ab torture in the form of kicks and punches. Brian Cage escapes and swings Brute into the opposite corner, knocking the wind out of him and smashing his head into the buckle again before stuffing him into the corner above the second rope and does a variation of a Boston Crab. Cage attempts a slingshot but is brought down by a clothesline and quickly placed in a sleeper in the center of the ring. Brute mixes it up a bit and applies a body scissors while Brian Cage sings the Mr. Clean jingle mocking Brute's bald head. Brute presses his elbow into Cage's traps to get him to stop but that just fuels Cage's desire to win and he rolls out of the hold and applies a painful counter move, stretches Brute's quads to the limit. Brute attempts to regain his footing, but Cage delivers a kick to the ribs that sends him clamoring the ropes. Cage whips Brute into the ropes and when he returns to the center of the ring, Cage grabs Brute and puts him an excruciating ab stretch. A knee to the abs catches Brute off guard and he finds himself again kissing a turnbuckle before Brian Cage climbs to the second ripe and comes crashing down on Brute forcing him to the canvas. Brian steps on Brute's neck, using the ropes for leverage, choking his foe. Cage steps out onto the ring apron and as Brute gets to his feet, he delivers a kick through the ropes, followed by another to the back of the head. Brian Cage climbs back into the ring and begins a series of joint locks, torturing Brute's arm before whipping him back into the ropes. Brute counters and whips Brian Cage into a corner before picking him up like a baby and dropping him into an over-the-knee back-breaker and elbowing his abs. once he has been thoroughly worked over Cage is exhausted and Brute easily picks him up again and drapes his legs over the top rope before delivering three more elbow blows to Cage's back. Brute then swings his adversary down into the classic tree of woe position and pummels him with gut punches and an ab claw. Brute leaves Cage hanging and he slowly makes his way back to the center of the ring, but he isn't done yet. Brute camel clutches Brian Cage and tells him to tap out. Cage bites Brute's forearm and is released and throws Brute into the corner, and unleashes a borage of torture; ab kick, iron claw, abs stomps before pulling Brute back up and into an ab stretch. A sequence of moves that defy explanation ensues and ends with Brian Cage doing his signature back flip, smashing his head into Brute's nearly motionless body as he lies on the canvas. Cage goes in for a sleeper, but will it be lights out for big man, Brute?