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Brian Cage vs Dirty Daddy - Ring Wars 06

$ 18.99
$ 25.00

These two very impressive specimens face off in the ring in a highly-anticipated match. Dirty Daddy lives up to his name by aggressively kicking Brian in the gut as his opening assault. A big forearm smash to Brian's massive back sends him to the corner, where Daddy slams a hard knee into his throat. He works Brian's huge leg, kicking his hamstring, then wrenching his ankle and knee. Brian takes Daddy down with a leg sweep, then goes to work on his knee, until Daddy manages to get to the ropes. In a highly-charged "tussle of muscle" the two athletes exchange dominance, until Brian gets Daddy's arm in a torturous twist, and goes to work on his shoulder and elbow. In a sudden reversal, Daddy applies a half-nelson on Brian, then Brian gets Daddy into a camel clutch, working Daddy's shoulders and knees, elbow and wrist like a pro. Dirty Daddy, never to be underestimated, kicks Brian, then flips him onto his butt and into a choke hold. A shoulder stretch that punishes Brian's pecs has the big man howling. Daddy tries for a Boston Crab, and succeeds in torqueing Brian's back.But Brian reverses the powerplay, punishing Daddy's leg, ankle and knee. To end the attack, Daddy kicks Brian in the chest, as as he struggles to recover, Daddy applies a chin lock "recliner", wrapping his legs around Brian's waist and crushing his ribcage. Incredibly, Brian rises, and swings Daddy around in a "merry-go-round" then tosses him violently to the mat. Insulting and enraged, Daddy kicks Brian in the jaw, and attacks his knees in a furious figure four leglock, with special attention to Brian's ankle. The excruciating pain makes Brian tap out, grabbing his damaged knee in agony. Recovering quickly, Brian charges Daddy like a locomotive, driving him into the corner ringpost, then slamming his shoulders into Daddy's midsection. He flips Daddy onto the mat, locks a figure four on his legs, kicks Daddy's bruised hamstrings and wrenches his knees in an assault that forces Daddy to tap out, begging for mercy. Beginning again with a Test of Strength, Daddy forces Brian to the mat. He has Brian's big arm locked up, punishing his shoulder and elbow. Then he sits on Brian's back to wrench his knee and groin. But Brian scores a reversal, goes for his Finishing Maneuver...but has to settle for a kick to Daddy's chest. Dirty Daddy changes the definition of this match to No Holds Barred with a vicious crotch grab! As Brian suffers, he applies another figure four leglock. Amazingly, Brian rolls over and scores another reversal, forcing Daddy to tap out. Enraged and vengeful, Brian assaults Daddy's shoulders and elbows, finally getting him into an excruciating front facelock. But Dirty Daddy bites Brian's leg and escapes! Now he has Brian in the corner, then up into an "airplane spin", which leaves Brian down and dizzy. Daddy attacks his knees with another figure four, forcing Brian to tap out and call him "Daddy"...has he ever been so humiliated? Not satisfied however, Daddy continues to destroy Brian's leg. How much more cheating with the pro put up with? How much lower will Dirty Daddy stoop in his effort to defeat Brian Cage? You gotta see how matters get completely out of hand, until one behemoth is suddenly knocked out cold!