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Brian Cage vs Tak & Zman - Rough & Ready 56

$ 25.95

After TAK tells Z-Man about the merciless beating he received from muscular new comer Brian Cage, Z-Man decides to show Cage who is boss at Thunders. The handsome photo model confronts the 260 pound pro wrestler, who is lifting some weights. Z-Man unleashes an incoherent barrage of trash talk on the big wrestling beast while TAK looks on. Clearly eager to work over another guy who he outweighs by about a hundred pounds, Cage asks Z-Man if he wants to go to the mat. Z-Man man agrees and says that TAK is going to have a ringside seat. When they get on the mat, Brian Cage puts Z-Man in an arm lock face down to the mat almost immediately. Then he easily pulls Z-Man up for a side headlock with one of his massive arms. Look at these guns the arrogant pro wrestler tells helpless Z-man. He brings Z-Man to his feet for some more brutal pro wrestling arm torture, then flips him to the mat and drops one of his tree trunk legs on Z-Mans arm. As Z-man groans in agony, the merciless pro wrestler tells him If you had arms like a real man that wouldnt hurt so much. TAK tries to even the odds by jumping on Cages back, but Cage easily drops him into a devastating over the knee backbreaker. When Z-Man jumps on Cage, the pro wrestler punishes him with a long, painful belly to belly bear hug. Cage only releases the bear hug when TAK jumps on his back. With TAK holding Cages arms, Z-Man delivers a two handed smash and a kick to Cages rock solid abs. With Cage reeling from the blows, the two smaller guys high five each other. But the big muscular wrestling beast gets to his feet and asks Who wants it first? Then he grabs the two guys one at a time, throwing them down, flipping them to the mat and applying backbreakers. TAK manages to get on Cages back and applies a headlock. When Cage drops to the mat from lack of air, TAK flips him to his back. Z-Man says Lets pin his ass and they pile on the big man. But Cage throws them both off after only a two count. Cage then punishes TAK with a Boston Crab, which he releases when Z-Man smashes into him. After dropping TAK with a forearm smash to the back, Cage puts Z-Man over his shoulders and drops him on top of TAK. Putting his foot on the pile, Cage shows off his huge guns with a double bi. Cage stands Z-Man up, grabs him around the neck and asks him Whos the man? TAK again double teams the big guy and gets him in a neck scissors while Z-Man kicks the big mans massive thigh. Then the two smaller guys each grab one of Cages big arms and twist them with Cage face down on the mat. When Cage gets to his feet, TAK and Z-Man put him into a joint bear hug with TAK in front and Z-Man behind. Cage breaks the hold then punishes Z-Man in a standing head scissors. Then he puts TAK into an over the shoulder backbreaker. When Z-Man yells at TAK not to give, Cage puts Z-Man in the same excruciating hold. Cage then slams Z-Man to the mat and locks on a neck scissors with his massive legs. Z-Man taps out under the unbearable pressure. Cage then puts TAK in a full Nelson and asks him if he quits. Even when TAK mumbles yes, he leaves the hold in place, saying You gotta do better than that. When Z-Man says hes the legal man, Cage puts him in a brutal pro hold with Z-Mans leg wrapped around the back of Cages thick neck, while face down on the mat. Z-Man screams in pain and taps out. Cage then grabs TAK and twists him into a painful leg lock face down on the mat. As TAK screams, Cage brutally taunts him sayingLets hear it, pretty boy. Scream in pain. As he flexes over the two smaller guys sprawled on the mat, Cage asks if they are done. Z-Man says Hell no. Cage quickly gets him down and stomps on his abs. Then he puts TAK over his shoulder, drops him down on top of Z-Man and puts them both in a Boston Crab at the same time. With both guys tapping like crazy and screaming in pain, big cocky Cage releases the hold and asks How about it ladies? Want some more? Then he picks them up and puts them both in a bear hug at the same time. When they scream for mercy, the ruthless muscleman drops them and again asks if they want more. Although Z-Man and TAK are clearly beaten into total submission, Cage puts them into a full Nelson, again at the same time. When hes done with this incredible show of power and domination over his two opponents, Cage drags one on top of the other, puts his foot on the pile of beaten pretty boys and flexes his huge, rock solid muscles in victory.