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Brian Cage camel clutch on Talon biceps pecs chest

Brian Cage vs Talon - Ring Wars 19

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

#1 Bestseller March 2016

“What’s your name?” “Talon.” “Talon?” “Yes sir.”  It takes a special kind of person to elicit a ‘Yes sir’ right off the bat, but then one look at Brian Cage and you can see why!  The man exudes confidence through every one of his massive muscles, the kind of confidence that is borne of years in the ring.  Indeed, after talking briefly about their win-loss records in Thunder’s Arena, Talon says those fateful words: “Teach me, I wanna learn”. Be careful what you wish for…

Brian shows he’s not only a master physically, but also mentally as he lulls Talon into a sense of security, praising him on his physique, asking him if he competes and what kind of posing he does.  His ego woken up, Talon replies “You don’t really need to pose that much when you got it” – he’s so wrapped up in admiring himself that he doesn’t notice Cage circling round, like a panther ready to pounce!  A double bicep pose from Talon and the panther strikes!  Talon is unprepared for a brutal ab stretch – “There’s a pose for ya” say’s Cage.  The stretch would be bad enough, but Brian adds to the suffering by jabbing his elbow in pushing Talon’s midsection out further, making the pain SO much worse!  Talon starts to sag, so Cage scoops him up and slams him down in an over-the-knee backbreaker.  Talon is slung into the corner, swiftly followed by Cage’s shoulder right into his abs – now Talon knows what it’s like to be a tackle dummy!  Then ANOTHER backbreaker has Talon writhing on the canvas – has he ever been manhandled like this?  Cage wraps Talon’s legs up, torqueing them back, asking “you learning much yet?”

Talon’s biggest opponent in this match may well be his ego, as he foolishly proclaims his leg to be ‘indestructible’.  Like a red rag to Brian’s bull, Cage answers that egotistical faux pas with a brutal assault, twisting and contorting poor Talon’s legs into shapes there aren’t even names for!  Gotta give Talon credit though, he doesn’t submit!  Cage continues the punishment, putting Talon’s honed body on display in another ab stretch and a chin lock (whilst trying to rip his face apart!), before throwing him to the floor like yesterday’s newspaper!  Standing over him and flexing, the massive monster taunts Talon, goading him until he snaps!  Ramming Cage into the corner, Talon follows up with some shoulder barges of his own and some stiff uppercuts to Brian’s abs, before going after his arms, the ring ropes cutting deep into Cage’s mountainous biceps.

Talon has clearly had enough, unloading on Brian’s legs, his abs, his back, his chest, anywhere and everywhere he can.  Sensing victory is nearing, Talon catches Cage in a tight Full Nelson, then converts to a sleeper, hoping to put the behemoth out and claim the day!  But a critical error in judgement costs him dearly and he finds himself back in the clutches of Cage, his legs tied up and his body being folded back the wrong way!  Cage snaps!  Kicking Talon viciously in the ribs, Cage stands hi full weight on the same spot, literally crushing his poor opponent underfoot!  Another OTK backbreaker reveals a large red welt where Cage’s repeated attacks are leaving their mark – not for the faint of heart!  A torture rack across the monster’s back has Talon finally submitting – but the brutal behemoth is far from done…