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Travis abdominal stretch on Brian Cage pecs nice abs

Brian Cage vs Travis with Joey King - Ring Wars 22

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Joey King is in the ring with the young muscle god Travis.  It’s no secret that Travis is relatively new to the world of wrestling, but credit where credit’s due he doesn’t shirk from a match and he takes coaching wherever and from whomever he can.  Today though, the opposite corner is filled with the hulking form of Brian Cage!  Cage starts verbally laying into the student and his teacher, telling them they should have brought more men – confident much?!  Complimenting Travis as an impressive specimen, Cage asks him what he does.  Travis’ answer?  “I flex” – and he does, that crazily built body looking undeniably impressive.  “I’m amazed” says Cage. “It’s insane, astronomical!”  An impromptu posing session starts between the two muscle hunks and for a second you forget that there’s a third person in the ring – but only for a second.  Cage makes a rookie mistake and turns his back to Joey King, a mistake that King capitalises on and hard!  Joey forearm smashes the massive beast to the canvas again and again, then encourages his student to try.  Some butt smashes into Cage’s lower back and class is in session!  Brain Cage is nobody’s practice dummy though – he catches King’s foot and trips him onto his back before applying a deadly figure-four leg lock!  “Help me!” screams Joey.  “I don’t know what to do” says Travis, before doing the thing he knows he does best – flexing!  “Kick him in the chest with your foot!”  Joey really can’t be clearer than that, but somehow Travis interprets that as “Put your foot on his chest and give us your best double bi!”  Joey is furious.  “You’re kidding me right?  This is a joke?”  Travis had better be careful – the last thing he needs is to be on the receiving end of a two-on-one!

Giving his student another chance, King blindsides Cage as he’s tying his laces.  Pushing him into the corner, he rams his shoulder into the behemoths midsection. “You see how I did that?”  Travis did, and follows through with some hard shoulders of his own!  Next – the old face to the turnbuckle move!  King drive Brian’s face into the turnbuckle, but Travis needs to see it again before he has a go himself.  Joey King has the patience of a saint, but you know that Brian’s won’t last forever – we’ve seen him snap before and you know it’s gonna happen again here!  “The thing is, he’s a big guy – you gotta take control, take his legs out” King wraps Cage’s leg up in the ropes and yanks upwards, hard!  Cage screams out in pain and rage as he’s being used like nobody his size ever should be!  Travis takes over, eager to impress his teacher and make up for his earlier mistake.  “Now do some of those shoulders we did earlier”  “Can you show me again?” Joey goes in for Cage’s midsection again, but one too many and he’s caught by a desperate knee lift from the enraged beast!  Cage now gives King some shoulder barges of his own, followed by a snapmare into a choke!  “What are you standing there for, do something!” Joey again asks for help from his student.  “You’re my instructor, show me what to do” “Just do exactly what he’s doing to me!”  This is not the lesson that Joey King had planned!  Travis wraps his massive arm around Cage’s neck, trying to free his mentor from the muscle beasts clutches.  Cage let’s King go, only to shift his focus on the younger muscle man, shrugging him off and wrapping his arm around Travis’ neck in a choke of his own!  Joey start’s shouting instructions at Travis, trying to coach him in how to escape from such a hold.  Travis gets to his feet and manages to escape, slipping behind Cage and catching him in a full nelson! The big man is stunned as his massive body is stretched in the torturous hold.  Travis takes the initiative and starts dragging Cage toward the turnbuckle, but Cage is way too experienced to fall for that – he reverses and it’s Travis who finds himself in the corner, a ripe target for Cage’s shoulder barge!  Dragging the hapless student to the centre of the ring, Cage applies a full nelson of his own – you know what they say about payback!  King helps out, grabbing Cage from behind allowing Travis to escape.

After a breather (and some more flexing from Travis!), the battle resumes with Joey teaching Travis how to apply a text book ab stretch.  The lessons continue – forearm smashes, butt smashes, knees into the canvas, even a Boston Crab on the big guy!  But enough is enough and Hurricane Cage is unleashed!  After battering Joey and Travis in the corner, Cage is incensed!  He traps Travis in the ropes, hooking and stretching that magnificently muscled body, whilst at the same time choking Joey King on the same rope!  Travis is reeling as Cage introduces him face-first to the turnbuckle!  A masterclass in power holds – an amazing has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed double Boston Crab (wow!) and a Gorilla Press!  An incredibly tight full nelson has one hunk out like a light!  A final Texas Cloverleaf submission has got to be seen to believe.