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Brix vs Animal - Mat Wars 149

$ 32.95

New guy Animal approaches Brix about stealing his money off the stage of a show they did together. Brix denies the claims and says that if Animal can beat him on the wrestling mat he can have all the money in Brix's bag. The guys share a handshake and the match is on! The bigger, stronger Animal easily takes control of Brix. He uses a side headlock to bring Brix down before sitting on his back and shoving his face in the mat. He then picks him up over his shoulder and drops him to the mat jumping into a schoolboy pin. He controls the matchup easily. He rolls Brix up and stretches him out all while showing off his perfectly crafted physique for the camera, obviously loving to flex for the camera. Using brutal headlocks, leg scissors, and schoolboy pins Animal beats Brix into exhaustion. When Animal gets bored, he allows Brix to openly try out moves on him to see if he can make it a match. This is useless as Brix cannot get any kind of momentum and Animal simply throws him away like a feather. He goes back to being aggressive and lifts and carries Brix around the mat before dropping into a vicious over the knee backbreaker. Brix slowly begins to break down and Animal makes him humiliate himself by calling him the boss and admit he stole the money. Brix doesn't seem to stand any chance against the new stud, but will he give the money back?