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Brix vs Eagle - Custom Video Series 119

$ 25.95

Brix and Eagle start out in tank tops and shorts flexing and muscle worshipping each others arms talking about who has the better biceps. After a brief flex-off feeling each others muscles, Eagle asks Brix to double bicep pose. Eagle comes behind him and puts him in a full nelson. He then puts Brix in a sleeper and commands him to flex while in the sleeper before putting him out. Eagle takes off Brix's tank top and flexes over him in a schoolboy pin. Once Brix wakes up he proposes they have a sleeper match. The rules are simple, at the end of each sleeper, the winner takes off an article of clothing. It quickly becomes a back and forth match with full Nelson's, schoolboy pins, bearhugs and dragon sleepers. Eagle gets the upper-hand after a grueling test of sleepers and puts Brix in a sleeper causing Brix to have to use a dirty move! Eagle lets go in pain and Brix comes behind him and puts him in a sleeper.

Back and forth. Asleep and awake. Brix and Eagle battle it out to the end to see who is really the master of the sleepers. Who are you betting on?