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Both guys are in the garage. Brix asks Gino if he thought setting him up against Stallion with fake chloroform  was funny? Gino laughs and says he heard Stallion humiliated him. Gino says he was surprised Brix challenge him cause he's also going to destroy him. Gino starts flexing and Brix walks behind Gino and jumps on his back with a rag of chloroform. Brix tells Gino this is the real chloroform asshole and knocks out Gino. Brix flexes over Gino as he does a school boy pin. Brix wakes Gino and gets cocky. Gino knocks out Brix with chloroform. Gino wakes him up. Brix realizes when he's in trouble he need to to use chloroform before Gino regains his strength or he can knock him out with the chloroform. 

Brix moves on Gino...How will it unfold?