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A battle for revenge has a pissed off Brix ready to make Gino his bitch! Brix storms on the mat and confronts Gino for setting him up against Stallion. "You think it's funny switching the chloroform for water?" yells Brix. "I heard Stallion humiliated you. Don't know why you showed up to get your ass kicked!" laughs Gino. The burly bodybuilder flexes his 21-inch biceps as Brix sneaks up from behind and smothers Gino with the real chloroform rag. Desperate, Gino strains to escape his but crumbles to the mat passed out. Brix mounts Gino for a little workout doing bicep curls and push-ups on Gino's chest. Gino slowly wakes up when all hell breaks loose! The enraged Gino grabs Brix by the throat nearly snapping his neck and orders Brix to flex. Gasping for air, Brix is put to sleep with the soaked rag and collapses to the ground. The 250lbs Gino flexes his boulder biceps then forces Brix awake by digging his foot into Brix's abs. Brix screams in pain until a vicious low blow sends Gino crashing down to the mat. Gino groans in pain as Brix stretches him out in a full nelson/scissors combo. "Torture you; all the humiliation you caused me!" threatens Brix before smothering Gino with the chloroform rag. His blood boiling, Brix mounts the unconscious Gino and brutally attacks his beefy chest. Punches, scratches, and deep pec claws have Gino waking up howling in pain! Brix uses his secret weapon and tears Gino apart with an ab claw, camel clutch, back breakers, scissors, sleepers, and dirty tricks! "No more, I can't breathe!" pleads the 250lbs Gino barely holding on. A darkness fills the arena as the sadistic Brix carries out his final plan. Revenge has never been sweeter!