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Brix vs Joey McCoy - Custom Video Series 141

$ 31.25

Run time: 33 minutes

It is Brix's wedding day! Joey McCoy is his best man and comes in with a black shirt. Brix is upset about that and wants Joey to change his shirt. When Joey refuses the two guys break out into an all out brawl! Using every piece of clothing as a weapon, the two best friends wrestle about just why Joey is so fixated on wearing this shirt. Both guys bottoms eventually come off and the match continues on. Leg scissors, ab stretches, headlocks, sleeper holds, and dirty moves highlight the action. When Joey has had enough and decides to freshen up the groom on his big day, he drags him through the house and into the bathroom! He shoves his head into the sink and decides to splash a little water on him to wake him up before pulling him into the shower. He turns it on and both men get soaked. They rip at each other's collars while the shower runs over them. Joey rips at Brix's shirt tearing off the collar and the buttons. Brix uses a low blow as a last resort and choke lifts Joey up the shower and throws elbows into his sternum dropping him to the ground. Brix checks how he looks in the shower and decides to go ahead and go as he is. That seems to be the end...or is it? 

13 minutes of Bonus match follows McCoy chasing down Brix (both still soaking wet) to the mat room and continuing the action. Shirts come off and the actions stays intense! Who will win the battle between groom and best man?