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Bronco vs Baby Herc - Mat Wars 177

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Bronco wanted to wrestle a real bodybuilder so Mr. Mike put him on the mat with Baby Herc! Flexing biceps and fighting for camera time quickly breaks out in a brawl! The trash talk starts becoming more and more personal as Bronco snatches Baby Herc into a Full Nelson! He yanks on Herc's shoulders before leaning him into an intense ab stretch! 

Baby Herc flips Bronco with a hip toss sending him sprawling to the mat with a thud! Herc sits on Bronco's chest and wraps in a reverse figure four headlock displaying his massive arms and jacked arms! Herc talks smack but may have gone too far when Bronco springs up and lifts Herc into a chest to chest bearhug! He tightens his grip harder and harder until Herc is yelling in pain! He then returns the favor to Herc, and sits on his chest CRUSHING HIM INTO THE MAT!

Bronco explodes off the mat yanking Herc up over his shoulders and slamming him up and down over and over! He locks in another, deeper ab stretch and claws all over Herc's body! Bronco begins to methodically inflict any pain he wants on Baby Herc. He lifts him up and throws him around. He locks in submission moves like a vice grip leaving Herc defenseless! Is Bronco just too big and powerful for Baby Herc?

Baby Herc is reeling from the damage Bronco has inflicted, but he still has fight! He counters Bronco locking in submissions of his own and starts to use his long, defined legs to wrap Bronco up and keep him from using his strength! But up close, Bronco still hammers away with gut punches!

Bronco is in full control of Baby Herc in every way! He hits him harder and harder and begins to throw in humiliating low blows and ball claws to finish off Herc. Download today and see the carnage!