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Bronco vs Gohan - Bodybuilder Battle 192

$ 31.25

Bronco steps on the mat at 6 ft. 225 lbs. of pure muscle! Gohan immediately wants Bronco to squeeze his head between his quads! He puts his head between Bronco's legs and Bronco shows no mercy squeezing while Gohan's face gets bright red as he loses oxygen! Bronco violently throws Gohan around the mat. It becomes obvious that Bronco does not like Gohan trying to be his buddy.

Bronco does pushups on top of Gohan mashing him into the mat while Gohan nearly faints from the weight! The rookie uses Gohan as a dumbbell doing bicep curls lifting Gohan completely off the mat like he weighs nothing! Bronco repeatedly drops Gohan down on the mat in every painful way imaginable! Gohan's body begins to break down and the pain becomes obvious. The more punishment Gohan takes, the more he begs for Bronco to hurt him! Is this just a surprise to catch the rookie off guard? 

Bronco gets angry that Gohan will not stop talking and decides to make him shut up! Bronco slams Gohan down in a no holds barred schoolboy pin and flexes. When Gohan tries to talk he covers his mouth making him be quiet! Gohan attempts to get up but Bronco begins humiliating Gohan kicking and punching him not letting him to his feet. 

Bearhugs and Full Nelsons are Bronco's next weapons of choice! He squeezes Gohan over and over as Gohan moans in pain. Bronco rips Gohan's shoulders back and tortures his new victim. Gohan still talks trash to the superior Bronco. Bronco yanks Gohan up in a torturous choke lift! With Gohan on the edge of passing out, he mounts a comeback against Bronco. A dirty move gets Bronco on his knees and Gohan locks in a DEEP rear sleeper hold!

Can Gohan ride this Bronco long enough to win the match?