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Bronco vs Loki - Mat Wars 176

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

The testosterone fueled chest bumping starts off right away! Side by side flexing displays the massive amount of muscle on both Loki and Bronco! Both wrestlers step on the mat juiced up with no fear of slamming their opponent! Bronco starts the action snatching Loki into a chest to chest bearhug squeezing with all his might!

Loki fights back hard and when Bronco puts a foot on his chest and flexes, Loki has had enough! He jumps off the mat and lifts Bronco over his shoulders. He walks around the mat bouncing Bronco up and down and squatting him for a workout! Slamming Bronco down, Loki slams his fists into Bronco's shredded abs and then flexes for his fans at home.

Loki is now in control, but will that last? Bronco is fighting back HARD (kind of like a bucking Bronco hence his name) and Loki is running out of gas! Bronco backs Loki up into a corner leaving him no way out! Bronco lifts Loki up in a fireman's carry and then slams him down! Bronco reaches down lifting Loki off the mat by his throat and lifting him in a choke! Bronco is now the man in charge and flexes while punishing Loki with a head scissors! But Loki stands with all 240 lbs of Bronco on his shoulders and then smashes him to the mat! Loki wastes no time and cranks Bronco's neck back in a camel clutch!

A match with SO MUCH MUSCLE always finds itself in an exhausting display of might by each man towards the climax! Can Loki keep up the pace to punish Bronco on the mat? or will Bronco stalk Loki down until he can finish him off? Download NOW and see how it all unfolds!

(Keep watching all the way to the end for a extended recap of the match by Loki and Bronco!)