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Bronco vs Meaty - No Holds Barred 225

$ 25.95
$ 29.95

A cocky Bronco comes at Meaty HARD! He takes Meaty to the mat and pins him down grinding to keep him there. Bronco flexes for the camera while he talks shit to Meaty. The arrogant rookie begins to admire and massage Meaty's developed physique. Meaty will not be embarrassed by a rookie and flips Bronco clear across the mat! He locks a camel clutch in and stretches Bronco's back with a Boston crab. Bronco screams in pain! Bronco can't take the pain any longer and maneuvers out of Meaty's grip. He smashes on top of Meaty and does pushups using Meaty as a platform! Meaty uses a brutal pec claw to escape, but Bronco does the same grabbing more than a handful of Meaty's chest! Both bodybuilders struggle to make the other give up! Trading chest to chest bearhugs, Meaty and Bronco fight for air as their opponent breaks their back! 

The action drops to the mat and Meaty traps Bronco's head between his massive legs! Bronco cannot escape Meaty's head scissors and both studs begin to slide around the now sweat covered mat. Meaty now finds his own head between Bronco's legs. Bronco pulls Meaty's face further into his crotch choking him out slowly! Meaty's breathing becomes labored as he struggles for air. Bronco has no mercy and talks trash as he squeezes tighter and tighter. Meaty gets pissed and breaks out! He locks Bronco up in a full nelson.

In a battle of Strength and submissions, The rookie Bronco holds his own against the veteran Meaty. But just when you think it is over, THERE IS MORE TO COME...