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Bronze Bullet vs Caesar - Vegas Battles 138

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Bronze Bullet is getting a pump before his match when Caesar walks up and kicks his arms out from underneath him! The trash talk commences until Bronze Bullet makes the first move locking Caesar up in a tight bearhug! Caesar elbows out only to be locked up again in an even tighter full nelson! This time Caesar takes a cheap shot kicking back and hitting Bronze Bullet right in his balls! He casually walks over and drops Bronze Bullet with a camel clutch. While Caesar flexes Bronze Bullet uses his long legs to donkey kick Caesar in the stomach. "CHEAP SHOT FOR CHEAP SHOT!" Caesar takes control from here as his arrogance goes through the roof. He flexes in the ceiling to floor mirrors, but Bronze Bullet has some tricks in his repertoire. He uses his long legs again to squeeze his opponent's head between his thighs. He squeezes harder and harder rolling Caesar around the mat. Then flexes with his foot planted firmly on Caesar. But each man lets their egos get the best of them and allows the other to get back into the match. While Bronze Bullet flexes Caesar springs into action using a fireman's carry and banana split as torture. A counter has Bronze Bullet schoolboy pin Caesar down into the mat! Caesar turns him over and gets a SMOTHERING rear sleeper hold in. Will Bronze Bullet pass out?! The match continues with Caesar humiliating his opponent stretching his arms and shoulders to their BREAKING POINT! A counter from Bronze Bullet does nothing but piss off Caesar who is about to SNAP! Will Caesar finish the job and put Bronze Bullet out for good? Or will the underdog sneak out a win?