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Bronze Bullet vs Iceman18 - Custom Video Series 146

$ 25.95

Iceman is questioning why he even has to wrestle Bronze Bullet again. Bronze Bullet says they brought him in to show who has the strongest bearhug in Thunders Arena. Iceman challenges him to show him how to do it. Bronze Bullet lifts Iceman up in a belly to belly bearhug, but Iceman is unphased! He slaps Bronze Bullet and attacks him HARD with a vicious bearhug. Long and tight, Iceman squeezes his opponents ribs. He drops him to the mat in a brutal camel clutch before lifting him over his shoulders flexing for the fans! Iceman starts to REALLY work Bronze Bullet over. He throws him around the mat slamming him down. He uses TIGHT, POWERFUL chest to chest bearhugs over and over holding them long while his opponent moans in pain! Bronze Bullet slowly fades in and out of consciousness while Iceman uses bearhugs and chokeholds to brutalize him. He repeatedly lifts him in the air showing zero mercy as Bronze Bullet fights for his life! After he has choked his opponent out, Iceman decides it is time to literally break Bronze Bullet's ribs! He starts with even more, nastier bearhugs! He drops Bronze Bullet down and uses leg drops and knees to the ribs to soften up his opponent even more. A TORTURE RACK furthers the punishment and ups the pain level! IS ICEMAN STRONG ENOUGH TO LITERALLY BREAK BRONZE BULLET'S RIBS?