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Bronze Bullet vs Loki - Vegas Battles 140

$ 34.75

Loki begins questioning whether Bronze Bullet belongs in Thunders after they flex off on the mat. When Bronze Bullet refuses to stop flexing in Loki's face, the action begins! A tight full nelson has Loki inflicting punishment on his skinny opponent before lifting him up over his shoulders and slamming him repeatedly crushing his ribs! Loki easily controls the 6'4" Bronze Bullet all over the mat. He uses his legs to squeeze him in a tight body scissors before dropping his elbow into his abs to inflict more pain. Bronze Bullet moans in agony, but Loki does not let up and locks in a camel clutch. In a show of strength, Bronze Bullet fights out and elbows Loki to get out of the hold! Then he goes straight back to flexing of course! Loki is not down for long and comes back with a vengeance. He lifts Bronze Bullet up like a baby and drops him in an over the knee back breakerWILL BRONZE BULLET BREAK THIS TIME?! Multiple choke lifts seal the deal and Bronze Bullet goes down hard! Next is a back and forth with neither wrestler wanting to back down! Chest to chest bearhugs, MULTIPLE GORILLA PRESSES, pins, full nelsons, head scissors, dragon sleepers, and a few dirty moves highlight the action! Can Bronze Bullet prove to Loki he belongs at Thunders Arena?