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Bronze Bullet vs Meaty - Custom Video Series 147

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

"Man, I didn't know there was a Shamoo show going on! Looks like a walrus is basking out here by the sun today!"  Bronze Bullet continues talking smack as he is pounded into the mat. Displaying more power, Meaty lifts his smaller opponent over his shoulders bouncing him up and down before dropping him carelessly on the mat. Bronze Bullet obviously means absolutely nothing to Meaty as he just throws him around and shows off for the camera with no regard. He uses even more bearhugs to really show Bronze Bullet who the alpha dog is on this mat. Then more bearhugs...and more bearhugs....and then more bearhugs. Repeatedly dropping Bronze Bullet on the mat, Meaty notices his opponent struggling more and more as the match goes on. He taunts his victim straight to his face as he grips his ribs over and over. Does Bronze Bullet stand a chance against the power of Meaty?