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Brute & Gunnar vs Joey King & Dolf with Aspen - Ring Wars 80

Brute & Gunnar vs Joey King & Dolf with Aspen - Ring Wars 80

$ 25.00
$ 31.59

Ring War Tag Team!
Be prepared for one of the most ACTION PACKED Ring Wars of all time! It's Brute and Gunnar vs Joey King and Dolf with Aspen as the guest referee. "Alright guys, I want a clean fight, no dirty business!" With this much muscle in the ring, that might be difficult. Four gladiators stand in the ring checking out their competition; the trash talk begins. "Everyone get out! Me and Mr. Clean (aka Brute) are gonna do some stuff!" orders Joey King. The pro-wrestlers lock up. Brute gets Joey in a tight side headlock taking him to his knees. "Ref, ask him if he quits?" says Brute. "I don't think so!" moans Joey under the pressure of that bicep. He delivers a quick SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN, but Joey sweeps his leg around in a head scissors trying to force a tap. Gunnar charges in, pulling Joey off his partner, and goes for a sleeper. "Ref get him off me!" yells Joey. Brute takes over and stands on Joey's throat CHOKING him against the turnbuckle. He gasps for air as Dolf runs in and bearhugs Brute from behind saving his teammate. Ring rules are already being broken when all hell breaks loose!
Gunnar tries to sleeper Joey as he grabs the ropes to escape. Brute isn't pleased with the ref's performance and LAUNCHES him into the ropes taking him out! "Where's the ref?" moans Joey. Brute delivers wicked elbows to the base of Joey's skull and uses the ref as a BATTERING RAM on his opponent! The pros are so displeased with Aspen that they BODYSLAM him back-and-forth. "You suck at your job!" Aspen's back is being destroyed as he moans in pain! Joey taps in his partner and passes on the lifeless ref. Dolf SUPLEXES Aspen on the back of his neck! "Do you give?" Brute mocks the ref and taps in his partner. Gunnar gets Dolf in a sleeper/body scissor combo. "See my tag team partner beating up on your tag team partner!" yells Brute. Joey makes fun of the ref's singlet, "Look at this ref, walking around looking like a tampon!" Dolf grabs the ropes forcing the ref to break the hold. Gunnar goes for a takedown, but Dolf throws the muscle beast off him and onto the ref crushing him. He gets Gunnar in a quick SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN then stretches his arms out. "Bring him over here. Let me get some!" Dolf pushes Gunnar into the turnbuckle. Joey chinlocks Gunnar while Dolf SHOULDER BARGES his abs! The beast groans in pain. Aspen tries to restore peace but is punched in the face. The pros climb back in the ring launching the ref into the ropes and turn buckles. "He's a pretty bad referee!" Brute and Joey lift the ref in a DOUBLE TORTURE RACK as Aspen howls in pain! 
Joey jumps on Brute's back in a sleeper, but it's broken up with a SUPERMAN PUNCH to the head by Gunnar! Joey tags in Dolf. Gunnar launches Dolf into the turnbuckle, shoulder tackles him, then picks him up on one shoulder spinning him around. Dolf's feet fly through the air and knock out the ref! Gunnar goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count; Dolf throws him onto the ref again. "Why are you always in the way?" Dolf SUPERKICKS Gunnar in the abs taking him down. Aspen wants revenge and shoulder barges Dolf, but Dolf BODYSLAMS him. "Powerhouse, that's my partner!" praises Joey. Dolf jumps on Gunnar's back in a sleeper while Joey bearhugs him from the front at the same time! The muscle beast gasps for air falling to his knees. "He's going night night!" yells Joey. Brute climbs in and KARATE CHOPS everyone including his partner on accident! "I'm sorry man! Don't worry about it, just pin him!" Gunnar tries for a pin, but the ref is still passed out.
"It's Chaos in here!" Gunnar bearhugs Dolf then throws him into the ref, "Told you to stay out of the way!" Brute chokes Dolf in the turnbuckle while Gunnar kicks his abs. The musclestud struggles to stand! Gunnar lifts Dolf in a massive FIREMAN'S CARRY shaking him up and down; his abs are being pulverized as he's thrown to the canvas! Gunnar tries for a pin but still no ref, so he locks in a crippling camel clutch. "A camel clutch is a marathon, not a sprint! Take every second to inflict as much pain as possible! Squeeze!" orders Brute. "Reach for the ropes!" yells Joey. Joey climbs in the ring and picks Gunnar up in a massive bearhug. Brute runs in and FOOTBALL KICKS Joey in the balls releasing the hold! A 3 MINUTE BEARHUG BATTLE breaks out with all four muscle monsters trying to get their opponents to tap! Muscles bulging, veins popping, sweat dripping, as moans and groans fill the ring under all that pressure! The gladiators are exhausted each clutching their soar abs. "Let's call it a truce!" Brute and Joey seem to come to an agreement, but it was all a ruse, and the bearhugs continue! "Ref, you're completely useless!" All four behemoths take turns and bearhug the ref! Aspen's back looks ready to break at any moment. CHAOS begins again as wrestlers are thrown outside the ring! Clotheslines, bearhugs, superkicks, an RKO! Will anyone be left standing in the end? Will the ref take the advantage and exact his revenge? So much action, you will be watching again and again!