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New rookie Aspen introduces himself to the Thunder's nation, "I'm about to take on the best, so I can be the best!" This newbie has no idea the punishment he's about to face with the pro-wrestler, muscle giant Brute. Aspen walks over to confront the vet, "Let's see what you got!" The rookie tries a joke, but the stoic Brute ain't having it. It's on!!!
Brute kicks Aspen's abs so hard he falls to the canvas. "Up we go!" The muscle beast grabs the rookie's head, pulls him to his feet, and SLAMS him into the turnbuckle. He circles his prey stomping and punching him down, as Aspen screams in pain! Brute even stands on the newbie's hand trying to break it! The rookie is in pure agony squirming to escape. Brute wraps his bulging bicep around Aspen's neck in a sleeper. He coughs and gasps for air. "Out you go!" The rookie passes out. 
"It's just too easy." Brute STOMPS Aspen's arm waking him up and drags him to the ropes. The muscle giant bends his victim's arm around the ropes, as he howls in pain! Aspen's arm looks ready to break at any moment! The rookie is completely gassed falling neck first over the ropes as Brute's knee digs into his back! The behemoth stretches Aspen between the ropes and locks in a massive CHINLOCK! "Think I might just put you out again!" Another crushing sleeper has the rookie breathing  heavier and heavier. He goes to sleep; his muscular frame draped over the middle rope. 
"Pathetic piece of garbage!" Brute kicks Aspen off the ropes and stands on his throat! The muscle beast wants to DESTROY the rookie limb by limb. He drapes the newbie's leg on the rope and stands on it with his 240 pounds! Screams of agony fill the ring as Brute twists the rookie's arm over the ropes.  His wrist looks ready to break! Stomps to the abs and quads, elbows to the head, Brute locks in another sleeper, "Third time's a charm!" Aspen's eyes are fading fast, "I'm sorry!" groans Aspen as he counts sheep again!
"So the new guy wants to go after the best? Admirable, but not advisable. Beat, broken, every single inch!" Brute stomps his victim awake, "Day one might just be your last day!" It's time for Aspen to make his move! A leg stretch, crippling camel clutch, a massive sleeper/body scissor combo! Will Aspen make the ultimate comeback and take down the muscle giant, or will Brute's brutal beatdown be too much for this rookie to come back from? You gotta see it to believe it!