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Brute lifts Bolt firemans carry backbreaker

Brute vs Bolt - Mat Wars 59

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

#1 Best Seller Oct. 2015

Bolt’s the new guy here at Thunder’s, and he’s looking to become the best as fast as he can. He’s heard of Brute, a pro wrestler, and he wanted to learn all the best pro moves to expand his vocabulary. Brute was happy to oblige, but you know Brute, he wasn’t going to teach Bolt anything the easy way! Brute comes at Bolt full force, showing him all the pain that comes along with the pro wrestling world. Brute is absolutely destroying Bolt! He’s giving him all the pain, all the gut punches, kicks and elbow slams, He’s tortuing his eyes, working at his knees and slamming his back. Bolt’s in so much pain, he’s screaming and getting thrown all over the mat! He can’t ever catch his breath or gather himself, one hit down after another. Bolt’s squirming on the ground, thinking twice about his foray into the pro wrestling ring, and Brute is just not letting up, Bolt’s body is turning red and bruised from the massive beat down he’s taking. Brute picks Bolt up and slams him down onto the mat, then bends him over backwards into an intense back breaker. Bolt’s screaming for mercy and is finally yelling that he gives. Brute’s satisfied to hear that, but he’s only willing to let him out of that hold, not to let Bolt give up entirely. He throws Bolt down, and continues his massive barrage of power attacks and pro style hits against Bolt. Bolt’s struggling to stand when Brute picks him up into one of the most crushing bear hugs ever!! You can almost hear Bolt’s ribs crushing! He’s screaming in agony but when Brute yells for him to give up, he says no!! After all he’s taken he’s still not ready to be done! Brute isn’t happy to hear that so he starts to pick Bolt up and slam him against his knee, breaking his back like crazy. Bolt’s struggling for breath when Brute shoves his head between his legs and then flips him over his shoulder and starts crushing him. Bolt still doesn’t concede to giving up so Brute throws him down and starts punching him in the abs really hard. Brute’s gotten Bolt picked up into a fireman’s carry and is pulling hard to try and break him when Bolt finally gives up! Brute’s happy and drops him down to walk away. But wait! Bolt gets back up and starts yelling back at Brute!! Brute’s pissed to see this sort of disrespect and charges at Bolt, but Bolt slips under him and runs away, Brute is after him in a flash! How’s Brute going to punish Bolt once he finally catches him? Buy the match today and find out