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Brute puts Cason in a Full nelson at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Brute vs Cason - Ring Wars 62

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

“Looks like they finally put me up against a real wrestler…”

Cason is back to face his biggest challenge yet – Brute!  And it’s in the Ring – Brute’s home turf!

Cason and Brute are already in the ring, sizing each other up.  Cason looks pumped and ready in tight red trunks, Brute looking, well, brutal in camouflage.  Cason has proved himself on the mats since he arrived with a bang at Thunder’s Arena, but the Ring is a whole different ball game!  Brute takes advantage of his opponent’s lack of experience, drilling him with a kick to the midsection (or lower!) that doubles Cason over.  Brute has a reputation for being all over his victims and today is no different – he immediately follows up by grabbing Cason’s head and ramming his face into the top turnbuckle!  Cason is stunned, but Brute is relentless, slapping on a Camel Clutch!  “This real enough for ya?” Cason spits out his response – “Just about!”  Cason tries to escape, but this only prompts Brute to pull harder on the hold – and as if that wasn’t enough, Brute throws in a deep eye gouge!  Cason collapses to the canvas, desperately trying to regroup – but he’s out of luck as Brute peels him up by his hair, pulls his arms back and stretches out the bodybuilder’s big pecs!  The muscular rookie is in real trouble as Brute yanks his arms back, eliciting cries of pain from his prey!  The sadistic heel switches to possibly the tightest Full Nelson you will ever see, his big arms snaking under the bodybuilder’s biceps, his hands clasped fast behind Cason’s head!  Cason can do nothing as Brute pulls him up and traps him between the ropes, pulling back HARD on his chin!  Cason is suffering mightily as Brute punishes his prey, switching to a deadly sleeper hold!  Cason goes out, fading to the canvas – but Brute isn’t satisfied and clubs Cason awake!  Brute climbs the ropes, digging his foot into Cason’s spine!  The bodybuilder is exhausted, but there’s a long way to go yet!

Brute catches Cason in a modified choke, putting the musclehunk on display.  A Japanese Strangle Hold has Cason suffocating in his own muscle before Brute slaps on a Dragon Sleeper!  What did Cason do to deserve this?  Did one of his previous opponents put Brute up to this?  Brute batters the bodybuilder with stomps to the midsection, a truly devastating (and long-held!) chinlock and another Dragon Sleeper!  “Give up!” demands Brute, but Cason refuses.  Brute responds with a Double Axehandle smashes to Cason’s thick back!  Suddenly, Cason sees an opening and strikes with a PULVERISING Bearhug!  Brute wasn’t expecting that and SCREAMS out in pain as he feels the musclestud’s power!  Cason shows that he was paying attention as he traps Brute in the ropes for a little revenge Sleeper action, but the veteran escapes.  Cason looks INCREDIBLY PUMPED as he paces the ring, waiting for Brute.  He runs out of patience and takes the fight to the veteran heel instead, blatantly choking him in the corner before slapping on another spine-shattering bearhug – Brute is lifted clean off the canvas!  Both wrestler’s bodies glisten with sweat as they battle!

Can Cason keep the momentum and score an upset victory over the veteran?  Or will Brute seal another rookie’s fate and put the bodybuilder away?  An awesome finisher marks a definitive ending to the match – you’ve got to see it to believe it!