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CJS puts Brute in a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Brute vs CJS - Ring Wars 59

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

A Brute Beatdown!!

If you are a fan of heavyweights matchups, it doesn't get much better than a combined 500 pound ring war!! CJS begins flexing his massive biceps asking Brute if he thinks he can handle it? Brute is not impressed, and the beatdown begins! Brute locks CJS in a vicious side headlock. CJS tries punching and kneeing Brute's abs to break the hold, but it doesn't work. CJS is thrown into the turnbuckle then launched to the mat with a snapmare takedown. Brute clamps on a sleeper but releases the hold before CJS goes out. Next comes some rope work where both muscle giants take turns stretching each other out between the ropes. Brute takes CJS to the ground, applies a massive sleeper, and it's lights out for CJS. Brute declares, " I'm not done with you yet", and stands on CJS's chest crushing him with his weight. The massive arms of CJS are powerless to stop him. CJS is thrown to the turnbuckle again, where Brute applies another sleeper hold from the top rope! CJS goes out again and crumbles to the mat. Brute chokes CJS with one hand then makes him stand up and applies a standing arm bar!! CJS is being totally dominated and taken down again. Brute applies another sleeper then transitions into a dragon sleeper! CJS's hairy chest and abs are stretched beyond their limit, and it's lights out again. The Brute Beatdown is unstoppable!

CJS wakes up and applies a massive full nelson to Brute. Now Brute is feeling the pain but is able to break the hold by backing CJS into the turnbuckle. Brute is not happy and takes CJS down with vicious blows to CJS's abs and head. Brute continues his dominance by stretching out CJS over the top rope and applies a cross face choke hold. CJS is gasping for air, his muscles are useless at this point, and he falls to his knees. Brute isn't done yet. He climbs out of the ring, and chokes out CJS from the ground using the middle rope for leverage. The mighty CJS falls to the mat again. Brute re-enters the ring and applies a massive camel clutch to CJS. CJS is screaming in pain!! Brute demands that CJS say he quits before the hold is released. CJS refuses to give in, and Brute releases the hold. Brute tells CJS he's not gonna make him say he quits, he's gonna make him SCREAM he quits!! Brute makes CJS stand up and delivers massive kicks to CJS's abs. The giant CJS can barely stand at this point. Brute picks up and torture racks CJS demanding he quit!! Will CJS give in to Brute's beatdown and quit or come back and mount his revenge? Buy this battle of the heavyweights to find out!!