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wrestler dominating body builder

Brute vs Dolf - Ring Wars 75

$ 25.95

Leg Scissors vs Sleepers
It's Dolf, the master of leg scissors, vs Brute, the master of sleepers, in a clash of the titans! Dolf flexes his 5'8" 235 lbs thick muscles for the camera. Little does he know the 6'2" 240lbs silent muscle giant Brute is stalking his prey. "Done?" asks Brute. "Didn't see you there," says Dolf. "I imagine you didn't." Dolf mocks the giant's trunks, "You stand out in those pink shorts!" Brute isn't intimidated, "Let's see how this goes!"
Brute kicks Dolf's abs so hard he falls to the canvas! The giant grabs his victim's skull from behind and twists trying to break his neck! Dolf groans in pain reaching for the ropes to escape. "Those ropes aren't gonna help you today!" He grinds his knee in his thick back and YANKS on his arms. Dolf is in agony; his boulder shoulders being stretched to their limits! "I see those arms starting to strain; then they start to tear!" laughs the devious  Brute as he chinlocks Dolf. "I might just finish you off early." He wraps his bicep around Dolf's neck for a sleeper. "Don't be a fighter, just fade to black!" Dolf's strength is fading quickly. He tries to break free but goes to sleep! "I heard your leg scissors can BREAK STEEL! Maybe if you're lucky, I'll give you another shot!" Brute wakes up his victim. Dolf retaliates with a massive arm bar/body scissors combo. The giant is in anguish feeling the power of those quads! Dolf releases the body scissors and scissors Brute's arms behind his head. "I show compassion one time and this is what I get?" The muscle giant struggles to his knees. "Give me a second!" pleads Brute. Dolf drapes Brute over the ropes choking him with his weight. "I woke you up cuz I thought you were cool!" moans the beast.  "You thought wrong!" He locks in a CROSSFACE crushing Brute's skull! "I'm unconcisous. You can let go now!" begs the giant. "Time to go to sleep!" Dolf struggles to lock in his sleeper. "Unfortunately, sleepers are kinda my thing!" Brute ELBOWS Dolf's ribs to break away and takes him down in a crippling scissor/sleeper combo. Dolf gasps for air and passes out. "You steal my sleeper. I'm gonna steal your leg scissors!"
Brute wakes Dolf up with a kick to the abs and HAMMERLOCKS his massive guns. The behemoth breaks away and head scissors Brute. "Next time I choke you out, I'm not gonna wake you up!" groans Brute. Dolf SQUEEZES his steel breaking quads tighter and tighter! The blood rushes away from the giant's head under the immense pressure, Brute is fading fast and goes to sleep. "About time you stopped talking!" Dolf wakes Brute up with a massive ELBOW DROP! "You're never gonna get the best of me like that!" Brute struggles to catch his breath as Dolf locks in a crushing headlock. The giant escapes with a side kick and CHOKES the musclestud against the ring floor. Dolf reaches up CHOKING Brute back, and a power struggle begins to see who is gonna give first? The battle is far from over. These muscle monsters turn brutal trying to break each other's arms and feet! Massive scissors, vicious arm bars, and devastating sleepers, which wrestler's move will end it all? Will it be the steel breaking leg scissors or the devastating sleeper? This back-and-forth battle will have you guessing until the end!