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head lock

Brute vs Felix - Ring Wars 67

$ 34.75

Rookie British pro-wrestler Felix has come to Thunder's Arena to take on veteran American pro-wrestler Brute!  Both have YEARS of experience under their belts, so this Ring War is the REAL DEAL! Felix sits on the ring apron. Brute just finished a workout and is POURING sweat. He stands over Felix, and his sweat begins dripping on the Brit. "Piss off!" commands Felix. "If you have a problem, why don't you MAKE ME piss off!" This battle is on! 
Both tie up. Felix gets Brute in a MASSIVE side headlock, but the veteran pulls the Brit's hair to break the hold. "Get off you bald freak!" yells Lord Felix. Brute gets the rookie in a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN, and locks in a sleeper. "You're sweating on me. I'm gonna punch you in the face when I get up!" Felix escapes and BITES Brute's hand forcing the vet to his knees in an arm lock. "You bloody Americans are stupid; aren't you?" Felix locks in a sleeper. "Your voice makes you sound smart, but you really aren't!" says Brute. Both pros begin PUNCHING each other as hard as they can!
Brute SLAMS Felix's head into the turn buckle and pins his arms behind his back. "I'm not meant to stretch like this!" Felix retaliates and SHOULDER BARGES big Brute into the opposite turn buckle. The vet is PISSED and applies another sleeper. "Out you go!" commands Brute. It's lights out for the Brit!
The muscle giant wakes his victim up. Felix applies a CRAVATE to Brute's head, a wrestling move Thunders has never seen before. He LOCKS his arms around the veteran's head CRUSHING his skull and ears! The rookie says he's gonna give him cauliflower ears! Big Brute PUNCHES Felix away and locks in another sleeper. "Bloody hell, bloody hell!...I can smell my favorite cup of tea!" Felix becomes delirious and goes to sleep again. "Talk all the shit you wanna talk, still ends this way!" declares Brute.
Felix wakes up, takes Brute down, and locks in a STF! "Tap you wanker! Come on puppet!" Brute's BULGING biceps can't break the hold, and he TAPS OUT! After the giant recovers, he picks up Felix, RAMS him in the corner, and SHOULDER BARGES him. Brute wants revenge, picks Felix up, and hangs him UPSIDE DOWN on the turnbuckle! The muscle beast begins GUT PUNCHING the Brit and CHOKES him with one hand!
Brute isn't done yet! He picks up Felix and sets him on the top turnbuckle. The giant climbs out of the ring to the top turnbuckle and locks in a CRIPPLING sleeper! Felix passes out AGAIN; his limp muscular body falling from the top rope to the ring floor!
Felix recovers and gets big Brute in a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN then an arm bar! "Come on you big monkey, tap out!" Felix locks it in tighter, and Brute TAPS! 
Felix helps Brute up then punches him while he's against the ropes. Big Brute is put in the turn buckle and his right arm is STRETCHED around the ropes. Felix begins HEAD BUTTING Brute's bulging bicep trying to damage his arm. 
"Come here sunshine!" Felix puts Brute between the ropes and YANKS on his injured arm from the top rope. "Tap out!" orders Felix. Brute STANDS on the Brit's face while in the arm lock. Felix threatens to pull Brute's arm out of socket over the rope. Brute threatens to break Felix's jaw with his foot! One of these pro-wrestlers is in SO MUCH PAIN, they are forced to end the match. "I quit, no more!" Will it be the Brit or Brute? You gotta buy it to find out!