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Brute dragon sleeper on Fray big arm bicep thighs

Brute vs Frey - Ring Wars 10

$ 25.95

As Viggo’s match with Brute is drawing to a close, Frey comes in to watch and tease the two wrestlers. Brute’s getting frustrated with Frey as he keeps hassling him while he’s finishing off Viggo. Frey takes a chance to come in and surprise attack Brute while his back is turned with Viggo, but things don’t quite go as Frey planned! Brute is a monster in the middle of a rampage, he’s full of adrenaline and not as easy to take down as Frey was expecting. Frey’s sneak attack just pisses Brute off even more and he starts tossing around Viggo and Frey like they’re ragdolls! With Viggo finally out of the picture, Brute focuses all his attention on Frey, mad at the lip he was getting from Frey, he goes in straight for the torture. Frey gets put right into a body scissors between Brute’s massive legs, and Brute is working real hard to hurt Frey’s back while crushing the air out of him. Brute throws Frey around a few more times before moving on to some killer arm torture taking Frey into a half nelson and pulling his arm much further than it should be going. Frey’s in pain, and Brute switches it up to try and get him to scream even more, maneuvering him into seated ab stretch full nelson combo!! I’ve never seen a move like this done and Frey doesn’t even know how to try and get himself out. He’s completely stuck and helpless, but he doesn’t give up yet. He still manages to back talk to Brute, and Brute does not appreciate a word of it. Brute picks him and throws him against the corner of the ring, choking all the air out of him. Right before Frey passes out, Brute starts slamming his face around the other corners of the ring!! Frey is speechless with pain and Brute takes the opportunity to start using the ropes around the ring choke Frey even more. Brute’s telling Frey he needs to give up now. Brute didn’t suffer much pain against Viggo, and he’s still got plenty of energy to beat Frey unconscious. Frey is struggling to catch his breath, but he manages to ask to be let go. Not what Brute wanted to hear. Still tangled in all the ropes, Brute rips back Frey’s head into a camel clutch, demanding to hear who the real deal is. Feeling cocky, Frey boldly declares himself the real deal, over and over again. You can see Brute as gets completely infuriated! He beats up Frey up some more bouncing him off the ropes and picking him up into a rack. He spins Frey around and squats him low to really pull on his back. After dropping him to the ground, Frey still won’t say Brute is the best, Brute gives him some quick and painful kicks to the gut and wraps his bulging arms around Frey in a crushing bearhug. He’s doing his best to squeeze the words out of Frey, but all he’s getting is screams! Frey finally manages to spit out the words that Brute is the real deal, but after hearing it, Brute isn’t satisfied. Now Brute wants to hear Frey say that he quits!! How much torture will Frey withstand before saying the words? Buy today and find out!