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Brute vs Gunnar - Ring Wars 76

Brute vs Gunnar - Ring Wars 76

$ 31.25

“Today’s the day I go too far.  Today’s the day I cross the line…”

Thunder’s Arena veteran Brute is stretching out in the ring, psyching himself up for his next opponent, getting ready to deliver another demolishing beat down to whoever dares to step in the ring with him!  Brute paces the squared circle, eager to get started.  Brute’s next opponent?  Gunnar, one of Thunder’s hottest new recruits!  A mass of thick muscle and power, Gunnar has already begun to make his mark at Thunder’s, notching up some wins.  But today he’s facing the machine-like Brute, who loves nothing more than to take apart rookies, no matter how strong or powerful they are – and it’s in the ring, Brute’s home turf!  Has Gunnar bitten off more than he can chew this time?

“You’re pretty big,” says Gunnar, master of the understatement!  “Bigger than my man Vinny!”  Brute is unimpressed with the ‘compliment’, firing a kick into Gunnar’s midsection, followed by elbows to the base of Gunnar’s skull!  The muscleman tries to regroup as he’s whipped to the ropes, ducking under Brute’s outstretched arm and coming off the ropes for a clothesline of his own!  Gunnar’s huge arm connects, but Brute just laughs!  This is new for Gunnar – Brute should have been knocked clean off his feet!  The rookie tries again, but still to no avail as Brute absorbs the momentum and repays Gunnar with another kick to his midsection!  Gunnar is experiencing first-hand how Brute earned his name!  Gunnar is on the canvas, trying to recover, with Brute’s food driving his face into the mat!  Then Brute adds even more pain, attacking the joints in Gunnar’s fingers!  If there’s one thing Brute knows how to do, it’s inflict MAXIMUM PAIN!  “Maybe I should finish you off right now.”  Brute slaps on a sleeper, draining the energy from the muscle-stud – Gunnar’s body goes limp as Brute chokes him out!  Brute could leave it there and walk away, but something has put him in an evil mood and he slaps Gunnar awake, ready to inflict more pain!  “Maybe putting you out wasn’t enough – maybe I want you to give up too.  GIVE UP!”  Gunnar is in serious trouble as Brute unloads on him, sending him to the canvas with blow after blow.  Brute drags the rookie to the ropes, choking him over the top, before kneeing him in the face!  A chinlock in the ropes has Gunnar wondering what he’s done to deserve such punishment!  Brute’s pecs and biceps bulge as he pulls back on Gunnar’s head with all his might – Gunnar is in agony as he begs for release – “I’m done, I’m done!”  But Brute doesn’t care – “No, you’re not done ‘til I put you out!”  Brute wraps his arms around Gunnar’s neck, and the bodybuilder succumbs once more!  But it’s not over yet – “Yeah, you are done, that was right – very smart.  But is this match done?  No, no no... You’re not done ‘til I say you’re done.”

Can Gunnar dig deep and come back?  Can he find a chink in Brute’s armor and pull of an upset?  Or will the savage Brute claim yet another victim in his campaign of destruction?  If you thought you’d seen Brute’s dark side, you ain’t seen nothing yet…