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Brute vs Joey King vs Kid Dynamite - Ring Wars 39

Brute vs Joey King vs Kid Dynamite - Ring Wars 39

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

There’s only one thing worse than turning up to a party wearing the same outfit as someone else – turning up to a wrestling ring in trunks that match your opponent’s!  Brute is annoyed that Joey has showed up in orange lightning bolt trunks that match his blue ones – of course, the only way to settle this is to grapple it out!  Joey starts running his mouth off about Brute’s beard which just gets the big man mad!  They lock up and the match is on!  Brute clamps on a headlock, but Joey manages to drive the muscled pro back to the ropes.  Circling each other, Joey lunges in for a rear waistlock, but Brute trips him to the canvas.  Joey reverses a front facelock into a hammerlock – these two pros clearly know what they’re doing in the ring!  The two men stand, sizing each other up when, out of nowhere, Brute lets fly with a STANDING DROPKICK!!  Joey is sent careening to the canvas, but Brute grabs his hair, dragging him up for a hip toss down into a tight headlock.  Joey kicks and struggles against the mighty Brute, eventually getting to his feet and shoving Brute to the ropes.  Brute runs the ropes, but a mistake from Joey sees him trapped on the mat in a front facelock.  Joey stretches with his legs, hooking the ropes and looking for a break.  “I got the ropes!” exclaims Joey.  With a sadistic glint in his eye, Brute responds – “No referee.”  That set the tone!  Joey fights his way to his feet, twisting Brute’s arm and hammering it up his back before switching to a headlock!  The two trade arm locks, reversing and countering each other as only two ring experts can do!  Brute folds Joey up for a pin – 1, 2, Joey kicks out!  Brute makes a rookie move, dropping his guard and giving Joey an opening to attack his leg!  Joey seizes his moment, dropping a vicious elbow to Brute’s inner thigh, following up immediately with a torqueing knee bar!  Joey goes for a pin and gets a two count!  Tests of strength, arm locks, throws, slams, snapmares – the action is relentless!  Joey is suffering at the hands of the massive Brute, begging and pleading for the beatdown to end! Joey fires a desperate kick into Brute’s knee, sending the big man to the canvas!  Suddenly, Brute’s attention is diverted to the ring apron where Kid Dynamite, one of Thunder’s newest wrestlers, is standing in purple trunks and looking to wrestle!

With fresh meat in the ring, the dynamic suddenly changes as the two pros unite to teach the new guy a lesson!  A tight choke from Brute has Kid Dynamite struggling to speak!  Brute shoves Kid into the corner, firing shoulder barges into his midsection!  Brute slams Kid Dynamite over and over, with Joey adding to the punishment – but Kid Dynamite absorbs the hurt!  Brute finally finds the chink in Kid’s armour, choking him over the rope and then gouging his eyes!  Kid Dynamite is in agony as he is thrown from corner to corner – but he still isn’t submitting!  Kid Dynamite may be new to Thunder’s Arena, but he has the heart and endurance of a seasoned pro!  Vicious double teaming from the pros STILL doesn’t get a submission!  Then, out of nowhere, a DOUBLE DDT from Kid Dynamite!  Can he capitalise and score a massive upset?  Or will Brute and Joey finally find a way to get the submission they are looking for?  An insanely hot finish makes this old-school match definitely one you’ll come back to again and again!