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Brute puts Kid Romeo into a head lock and leg scissors at the same time on Thunders Arena.

Brute vs Kid Romeo - Ring Wars 55

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

The match starts off dead silent, brute doesn't feel the need to say anything he just looks at kid Romeo and laughs, and lands a mighty kick on KR's side, it takes KR so off guard he looks like he wants to cower in the corner of the mat, but Brute looks like he's having to much fun with a new toy he wraps his massive arm around KR throat completely engulfing him, and than he delivers a huge blow to KR's head. This makes KR take about ten steps back as he tries to get away from the giant, but Brute is out to show him he's no match and he has his hands around KR's throat again, putting him into a sleeper, Brute is here to show KR his place today, he has him knocked out cold minutes into the match, but Brutes not done with him yet, he wakes him up with a painful kick to the sternum, arm and leg, and than throws him into  the turnbuckle and starts pounding on KR's abs. Brute wants to leave an impression on KR today he puts him in a camel clutch that  looks like a world of pain, than he flips him around and puts him in a back breaking boston crab, he tells him to give up and KR already looks like he's reaching his limit