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brute kid titan camel clutch submission submit choke thunders arena

Brute vs Kid Titan - Bodybuilder Battle 87

$ 31.25

 It's been a few years since Kid Titan has been around Thunders, and boy has he been busy!! He's packed on at least 30 more pounds of pure, hard, muscle. He's feeling extra confident and cocky, and he wants to take on the newest and best here at Thunders. In walks Brute, silent, menacing. Kid Titans showing off all his hard work for his fans, and Brute is just sick of him.  Kid Titan more than holds his own in the body department, flexing and posing to the camera, showing off the results from all his hard work in the gym!  Problem is, things are different at Thunder’s these days – the guys are bigger, the matches are rougher and the attitudes, well, you get the drift.  So Kid is caught completely off guard when Brute surprises him with a cheap shot to the abs, followed by a crushing headlock!  Not the welcome home Kid was expecting!  Controlling him to the mat, Brute looks furious as he wrenches Titan’s head, throwing in forearms to the back of his head for good measure!  Brute is going to show the prodigal why he got that name!  Brute traps Kid’s arm in his leg, stretched out in an arm bar – that’s painful enough, but then he punishes the returning hunk by driving the point of his elbow deep into his forearm!  Brute never ceases to amaze with his desire and ability to truly brutalise and punish his opponents, and this is no exception!

Not giving poor Titan any time to mount an offense, Brute chokes his prey with Kid’s own arm!  Already suffering, Brute goes that bit further across the line by hooking Kid’s eye socket and using it to pull his head back!  Not only brutal, but vicious!  Like a fish caught on the line, all Kid can do is endure the pain – that is until Brute releases the hook only to replace it with an elbow pressed into Kid’s temple!  Kid Titan must be wishing he’d stayed away!  All that new muscle is doing him little good as Brute rams his elbow into Kid’s spine!  Wrenching his opponent back in a chin lock, Brute orders Kid Titan to give up!  Even with his eyes screwed shut in agony, Kid refuses - so Brute torques the musclehunk back further, then further again, Kid’s traps and pecs fit to burst as they strain against the punishment!  A seated full nelson has Brute again demanding the submission and again Kid refuses!  An enraged Brute steps up the attack, tenderising his opponents muscle with stomps, punches, forearm smashes, brutal kicks, anything he can think of to inflict more pain!

Draping Kid’s arms over his legs, Brute traps him in a camel clutch, his beefy forearms perfectly framing the agony on his suffering victim’s face!  It’s both compelling and shocking at the same time!  Another demand, another refusal so Brute decides to rip the Kid’s handsome face apart!  An eye gouge has Kid floundering, so Brute follows up with a bootlace rake to the face!  The sadistic pleasure in Brute’s face as he applies a hard arm bar tells you everything – this isn’t about winning, this is about teaching the returning stud a lesson in humility and pain!

You have to admire Kid’s fortitude though – Brute is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him, and he’s still not giving up!  What does Brute have to do to get this ‘Kid’ to quit?!  Applying an ankle lock, the tanned muscle heel again asks Kid to give up – still no!  Kid is taking everything Brute has to give!  A long-held neck breaker has Kid flailing around, his magnificent torso on full display as he suffers!  How much torture can his muscular body absorb?!?

 He comes in with a kick to the stomach, crippling Kid Titan forward, where he then wraps him up in a headlock to take him down to the mat. Brute starts crushing Kid Titan's face in his massive arms while punching against his exposed areas, making Kid Titan scream at the top of his lungs.  Brute does not let up at all, continuing to torment his arms and shoulders by rubbing his elbow into him. Brute starts to claw away at Kid Titan's eyes and face, an absolute relentless assault on Kid Titan. Brute gets up just to cross Kid Titan's legs and wrap him up into a modified Boston Crab. He's ripping back on Kid Titan's neck, yelling at him to give up, but he's not letting that happen anytime soon, he hasn't even gotten a chance to show off what he can do! Brute's rather impressed with how flexible the huge muscle guy is, so he starts to play with bending his arms back and tying him up like a pretzel. Brute doesn't often find muscle studs who he can bend so much, so he's starting to get excited. Will Kid Titan get a chance to put Brute into some pain, or is Brute going to dominate all the way to the end?  Get it and discover some shocking developments.