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Brute vs Logan Vaughn - Ring Wars 35

Brute vs Logan Vaughn - Ring Wars 35

$ 25.95

Thunder’s Arena is THE place to be seen lately – new wrestlers and old favourites alike have been flocking to our mats!  The latest Thunder’s Alumnus to return is none other than Logan – and it’s in the ring!

You’ll wonder what Logan’s done to upset Mr. Mike – when you see who he’s matched him with: the vicious Uberheel, Brute!  Seeing Logan standing barefoot in his pink squarecuts, Brute asks “Are you sure you wanna do this?”  “Let’s do this!”  Brute responds with a hard kick to Logan’s midsection!  Brute drags Logan up and twists his head, hammering him with forearm blows!  Brute rams Logan face first into the turnbuckle, following up with forearms to the back and a pointed elbow driving hard into Logan’s spine!  This wasn’t what he signed up for!!  Brute elbows Logan in the back of the head, then turns him around and slugs him in the midsection, over and over again!  Logan starts to sink to the canvas, but Brute’s having none of that – he pulls Logan back up and whips him to the opposite corner!  Brute continues to attack Logan’s back, first with a clubbing forearm blow, then sits him on the canvas and kicks him in the spine!  Brute really loves to live up to his name!  He literally tosses Logan all over the ring!  Logan clutches his back in pain, but Brute is relentless, slapping on a debilitating Full Nelson, pressing poor Logan’s face down to his pecs!  Brute switches to a choke hold, pressing in on Logan’s neck – Logan turns a deep shade of red before slumping into dreamland!  Brute drops Logan’s arm three times to make it official, but Logan is in the ring with a wrestling sadist – Brute is nowhere near done punishing the prodigal prettyboy!

After Brute revives Logan, he goes right back on the attack with kicks to Logan’s spine and head!  A closed fist to Logan’s head sends him straight to the canvas, where Brute literally stands on his face!  The ever-calculating villain decides to move onto another body part, wrapping Logan’s arm around the ropes and yanking hard – Logan screams out in agony, but his cries fall on deaf ears!  Brute ties Logan’s arm up in the ropes, torqueing the elbow and inflicting maximum pain! Brute is merciless as he pulls Logan’s arm back against his knee before clamping on a wrenching arm lock.  Logan is in some serious pain!  Brute wraps Logan’s arm around his own neck, choking him before changing to another Cobra Clutch and sending Logan on another trip to Napville!

Brute still isn’t done and viciously stomps on Logan’s damaged arm, the pain rudely waking the slumbering superstar!  Brute focusses in on the injured arm, applying locks and twists – he even accentuates the agony with joint locks to the fingers!  Brute delivers a masterclass in punishment and brutality as only a truly evil Heel can.  Can Logan survive this nightmare?  Will the sadistic submission machine ever run out of ways to brutalise his opponents?  One thing is for sure, this is one of the hardest and most vicious matches we have ever filmed and one you will come back to time and time again!  Welcome back Logan!