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Brute choke lifts NJustice back arms biceps

Brute vs NJustice - Mat Wars 69

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Part 1 of 3. Don't miss Part 2 Brute vs Bear (BB92) and Part 3 Bear vs NJustice (MW72)

One of the craziest, fearless, pro wrestlers of all time has decided to attack Thunder's introducing NJustice!  IF you knew about the local Indy pro wrestling scene, you would know that Brute hates him and they have a long standing blood feud.  Brute is absolutely brutal to a whole new level in this match when he discovers that NJustice is waiting for him here at Thunder's Arena.  Brute jump starts out on the mat with NJustice raking his eyes, cranking him into camel clutches and NJustice LOVES this sort of pain and starts to run away to set up Brute but Brute has other ides and gives chase! Brute takes NJustice all over the Thunder's house using every object he can get his hands on for a weapon, torturing and tormenting NJustice to give him a proper welcoming. Brute chokes NJustice back in a chair, picks him up and bounces him off the walls, throws him over any furniture available. NJustice is doing everything he can just to break free from Brute's grips of malicious assaults. When NJustice gets a chance he fights for freedom of the outdoors but Brute just slams his head inside the sliding glass door, knocking NJustice into a barely conscious state. Outside it gets worse and Brute lives up to his name by getting even more BRUTAL.   He starts choking NJustice, slamming him against the wall 3 times! As NJustice stumbles afterwards in a daze, Brute lifts the big guy clear over his head and runs him straight into the post! Thunder's has never seen such BRUTAL beatings and intense and pain, nor such feats of strength!! One man tossing another like he is a doll, slamming him into walls over and over this powerful display will blow your mind.  Brutal and rough at the words that best describe this match, buyer beware....you might have to turn away at how dangerous this match is to watch.

"The Thunders house often feels like a frat house, but never more than here. During our tour, we see random guys just hanging out. One is in the laundry room. Another is playing on his phone on the sofa when NJustice crawls all over him. A third wanders past the patio door, just hanging out in a red singlet. It all adds to the feeling that none of this is unusual or unexpected. You just have a house of hot wrestlers where hot wrestling is part of daily life." ....from the blog The Cave