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Brute surfboard stretches PeeWee big arm bicep thighs pecs

Brute vs PeeWee - Ring Wars 17

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Brute and PeeWee challenge each other in the first ever rope match here at Thunders. PeeWee introduces himself and explains the roles of a rope match. Each wrestler is tied to an end of the rope, and the goal is to go around, touching each corner of the ring without being interrupted. In order to do that, you’ve got to overpower and knock out your opponent so they can’t stop you. Right off the bat, Brute pulls the rope and brings PeeWee close to him, he starts to wrap the rope around PeeWee and starts stomping and crushing down on PeeWee all over. PeeWee’s recognizing that things aren’t quite going as planned, so he begins his retaliation. He climbs on top of Brute and starts to bearhug him, before walking over and tapping his first corner. Brute’s not planning on losing this match though, so he quickly throws PeeWee down to the mat and begins to tie up and torture his legs! He wraps PeeWee’s legs and binds them in a number of ways, all while making sure to stomp on and torture PeeWee while he’s laying helpless on the mat. PeeWee starts grabbing at the ropes and trying to pull himself to safety, but Brute’s just not letting go. He folds PeeWee’s legs back behind him and lays on top of him to crush his legs. As Brute’s yelling for PeeWee to give up, he starts to grab PeeWee’s arms and pull them back to make sure he’s in full body pain. PeeWee is screaming and yelling in pain, unable to move or escape at all. He came in the ring expecting a fun rope game, he can’t believe how intense Brute is. ‘Man you’re strong!’ PeeWee proclaims as Brute’s twisting his head in between choke holds. Brute is planning on knocking PeeWee out quick so he can drag him along his route to tapping all 4 corners. His plans start to change though as he’s realizing how much fun he’s having listening to PeeWee’s screams of pain and anguish. He loosens up his grip to stop PeeWee from passing out, so he can put even more holds on him. He ties PeeWee’s face up in the rope and wraps his massive legs around PeeWee’s body, to begin crushing PeeWee with his mighty quads. Brute gets up and starts to walk around, touching his 4 corners in order, when PeeWee starts to trash talk him some. Brute is pissed to be hearing this and decides to postpone tapping all the posts to torture PeeWee more. How much pain will PeeWee have to endure before Brute touches all the posts? Or will PeeWee surprise Brute and end up getting his posts first?