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Brute Scrappy full nelson pecs chest

Brute vs Scrappy - Custom Video Series 40

$ 25.95

In a Vegas suite, Brute and Scrappy are going through some wrestling moves.  Brute is looking pumped and bigger than ever in tight black pro trunks, knee pads and bare feet.  Also in bare feet, Scrappy is wearing black board shorts.  Scrappy says he’s going to show Brute is ‘signature move’ – the hip toss.  He twists around and drives his hip back, but the massive Brute doesn’t move!  Instead, Brute blocks and converts it to a full nelson with Scrappy trapped!  The cocky youngster asks Brute if that’s it.  “Nope – this is” Brute switches to a tighter-than-you-would-think-possible Million Dollar Dream!  Caught unawares, Scrappy is out!  Brute is having too much fun to leave it at that and shakes Scrappy awake.  “What the f*** is going on?” Brute answers with an IRON CLAW to Scrappy’s head, his fingers digging inexorably into Scrappy’s skull!  Scrappy is in pain as Brute twists his head from side to side in the claw, then Brute releases to apply a straight sleeper hold!  Brute’s arms look amazingly massive as he wraps them around Scrappy’s head, engulfing the rookie in his muscle.  The heat from Brute’s biceps is overwhelming as Scrappy fights valiantly for breath!  But it’s to no avail as he sinks into unconsciousness again!

Brute wakes Scrappy up again, this time lifting him up into an AWESOME BEARHUG!  Scrappy, still recovering from being put out again, weakly struggles and peppers Brute’s widescreen back with forearms, but Brute is too powerful and muscular!  Brute sinks lower until Scrappy is on the floor.  Brute slaps a FIGURE-FOUR LEGLOCK on his hapless prey!  Scrappy is defiant. “Just wait ‘til I get out of this”.  Brute is cold in his reply – “You’re not getting out of this”.  Scrappy is determined not to submit telling Brute he’ll have to “do it harder than that!”  Be careful what you wish for, as Brute notches up the pressure!  Still Scrappy refuses to give! The leglock is held for a long time, incredibly, Scrappy holds out and doesn’t submit!  Brute is clearly impressed as he releases the hold.  Scrappy gets to his knees and tries to apply a Bearhug of his own to Brute, but the muscular veteran is not going to allow that, instead trapping Scrappy in a chancery face lock!  Brute’s solid forearm is tight across Scrappy’s throat as he switches it to a CRAVATTE SUBMISSION HOLD!  Brute pushes Scrappy into the hallway, throttling him up against the wall, then turning and slamming him into the opposite wall!  Scrappy didn’t sign up for this!  ANOTHER SLEEPER!  Scrappy’s breath is coming in tiny gasps as he tries to hold onto consciousness, but Brute is a master of this hold – if he wants you to go to sleep, there’s little you can do about it!  Just ask the many opponents he’s put out before!  Brute puts Scrappy out, again picking up and dropping his arm to make it official.

Scrappy is roused again and, very unsteady on his feet, is taken over to the piano where Brute applies yet another sleeper hold!  Someone has clearly taken a major disliking to poor Scrappy!  Scrappy goes out again, slumping to a minor key.  Brute pushes him to the floor and rouses him again, only to slap on another Million Dollar Dream!  Credit where it’s due, Scrappy is fighting hard and raging against the oncoming slumber!  Brute snapmares Scrappy over and reapplies the Dream, this time lying down and applying it full-force!  Scrappy begs for release, but Brute refuses to let go!  Scrappy’s body convulses as his brain is deprived of oxygen yet again!

Brute still isn’t done – the sadistic wrestler still has one more brutal, amazingly vicious hold in store.  One thing is for sure – if Scrappy survives this match, he’ll certainly never be the same again!  Add this essential match to your collection today!