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Brute vs Scrappy - Ring Wars 83

Brute vs Scrappy - Ring Wars 83

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

A look of absolute fear and hesitation sweeps across Scrappy's face as he climbs into the ring. His opponent: the sweat dripping, pro-wrestler, muscle monster Brute. "What's up man? You look a little sweaty!" The beast eyes his prey, "Cuz I'm ready to go!" Scrappy's mind races anticipating the possible beating he's about to face, "Do I have to do this?" Brute lunges at Scrappy, but he ducks under the muscle giant's reach. "They told me I had to wrestle but not a big, sweaty horse!" The beast tries again, but Scrappy is too quick. "Slow down!" Brute's blood is boiling! The RAGING BULL charges again and again, but the matador Scrappy dodges his attacks making him look like a fool. All good things come to an end as Brute finally gets his powerful pythons around Scrappy, launches him into the turnbuckle, and UNLOADS on his abs! "Please take it easy!" begs the matador as he's thrown in a snapmare takedown! Scrappy groans in pain as Brute yanks his hair pulling him to his feet and stretches him between the ropes! "Please!" The behemoth is just getting started and launches Scrappy into turnbuckle after turnbuckle like a rag doll! "Right up in the air and right down on your face!" The muscle hulk grabs his sides and throws him into the air; Scrappy falls face first to the ring floor! "Where's the exit?" The muscle stud is in EXCRUCIATING pain as he frantically crawls to escape. "Crawl away!" Brute halts his attempt, drapes his victim over the top rope, grabs the rope, and slingshots him back across the ring. Scrappy can barely stand as he's lifted in a massive TORTURE RACK shaken up and down. "Take a load off!" Brute sits Scrappy on the top turnbuckle then switches to a Canadian back breaker parading his victim around. "Let me go home man!" begs the aching Scrappy. The muscle giant launches him into the turnbuckle and in another snapmare takedown. "I give!" Brute shows no mercy, stretches Scrappy between the ropes, digs his knee in his back, and pulls the top rope across his face. Scrappy howls in agony as the torture continues! The muscle beast leans his victim across the bottom rope and STANDS on his shoulders crushing him against the rope. Scrappy can barely breathe! To add more pain, he yanks both arms over the rope. "You're gonna break my arms!" The muscle stud is completely gassed. "Let's take another ride. I think you can get some air on this one!" The sadistic Brute lifts his victim into a fireman's carry and drops him down over the top rope. Scrappy's balls are being CRUSHED against the rope as Brute begins kicking and shaking the top rope! "My balls!" You have never heard screams like this before! Brute continues with headbutts and punches to Scrappy's skull. "You should have given up a long time ago!" Scrappy is in agony, "Do you know who I am?" The muscle beast doesn't care and locks in an STF! "I give!" Scrappy's eyes roll to the back of his head; his muscles powerless to break away as he passes out under the pain. Scrappy is gonna have to play dirty if he has any chance of bringing down the muscle beast. Punches, a CHOKESLAM, vicious ball-busters, a CHOKELIFT! Will there be anything left of Scrappy when big Brute is done, or will the underdog battle back with a surprise win? You gotta see it to find out!