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brute specimen top wristlock arm submission hold submit armbar thunders arena

Brute vs Specimen - Bodybuilder Battle 88

$ 25.95

240 lbs. vs 240 lbs.

So begins one of the most shocking and surprising matches in the history of Thunder’s Arena!  We all know that Specimen has the muscle to overpower most of his opponents on the mat, and he’s been like a steamroller since he first arrived!  Regular viewers though, will know that Brute is no slouch on the mats and that he has a mean streak the size of Montana!  Taking extreme offence at Specimen’s words, Brute catches him in a tight arm lock, manhandling the larger Specimen down to the mat!  Huh?!  Is this real?  Is Specimen really being made to eat mat so quickly and easily?!  Specimen is in trouble and he knows it – Brute is wrenching his arm behind his back, testing Specimen’s flexibility!  Brute spies a target – that crown tattoo on Specimens upper back.  It’s right on his spine, so Brute digs a vicious pointed elbow in deep – has Specimen finally met his match?  An arm bar has Specimen screaming, but he won’t submit!  Brute is targeting the massive arms of Specimen, first pulling his fingers apart, and then wrenching both arms behind his back!  Releasing the hold, Brute switches to a cross-face, pulling back hard on Specimen’s head and shoulders.  “Give up, or it’s going to get way worse!”  Specimen’s massive traps arte bulging as he again refuses to submit!  Brute reapplies the hold, but this time with a knee in Specimen’s back – “Just give up and save yourself the misery!”  Still Specimen doesn’t quit!  Forearm clubs to Specimen’s meaty upper back and Brute goes right back to the elbow in the spine.  He applies the cross-face again, but now with Specimen’s legs folded over – Brute really has the most appropriate name!  Specimen screams as Brute’s sweaty body shines with the exertion of applying the holds.  Clubs to the head of Specimen have him reeling and moaning on the mat – Brute steps over, drags the muscle man up and slaps him in a camel clutch!  “Every time you refuse to quit, I’m turnin’ it up a notch!”  Brute means business!  Specimen is fading, but still won’t give.  “Unbelievable” Brute says as he throws a nelson into the mix!  Releasing the hold, Brute switches to Specimen’s legs, folding them and pulling them off the mat, putting pressure on Specimen’s lower back.  This match is as much a battle of wills as it is of muscle!  Brute, still keeping the leg hold in place, grabs Specimen’s hair and peels his upper body off the mat!  All the pressure is now centred on the muscle beast’s lower back, and you can see it on his face!  But still stubborn Specimen won’t quit!  Most mortals would have submitted, begged for release and offered their first born by now, but not Specimen!

Brute traps his prey in a Cobra Clutch, Specimen’s body on display, slick with sweat.  Brute drags him to his feet, only to send him back down with a vicious elbow to the base of Specimen’s skull!  “You gotta learn when to quit!”  This is new territory for Specimen – never has he been manhandled and controlled like this!  Brute rakes his forearm across Specimen’s eyes, blinding the massive hunk.  Wrapping Specimen’s own arm around his neck, Brute pulls back for a choke, Specimen’s own biceps now betraying him.  Still no submission, so Brute adds to the pain by ramming his elbow into the side of Specimen’s head!  Brute’s propensity for torture seems to be limitless as he relentlessly punishes the muscled body of Specimen.  Another choke and you can see the sweat literally dripping off these two behemoths!  THIS IS AWESOME TO WATCH!!  Forearm smashes, sleepers, headbutts, Brute unleashes everything he can on the stubborn beast.  A modified Boston Crab has Specimen screaming, his massive quads bursting out of his sky-blue trunks as Brute pulls back hard!  When a figure-four leg lock also fails to get a submission, Brute decides to move the goal posts…  Will Specimen quit?  Will Brute win the battle of wills?  This is a tough man on man action you don’t want to miss adding to your collection.