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Brute camel clutch submission Viggo arms

Brute vs Viggo - Ring Wars 09

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Brute and Viggo are trash talking, calling each other no name amateurs. Brute’s excited to be in his home turf in the ring against a ring rookie, Viggo. Viggo’s a mat wrestler, he’s not familiar with the ways of the ring and all the pro moves that come along with it, but Brute’s ready to show them to him. He starts off with some painful gut punches knocking Viggo down to the ground before getting over him and wrenching his neck back into a camel clutch. Brute flips him over and starts really stretching out his back and neck. Viggo’s unimpressed and is cracking jokes at Brute, who decides to take it up a notch. Brute isn’t fond of being made a joke and really starts pounding against Viggo’s face! Viggo’s struggling to stand but it doesn’t stop him talking back! Brute is ready to make Viggo give for real and puts him back into a camel clutch, the torture really starts to come when he then fish hooks his mouth and starts pulling apart Viggo’s face. Viggo’s screaming in agony and Brute’s loving it, he wants to hear Viggo yell that Brute’s no joke, he’s the real deal. Viggo is hanging in there after the beating he’s been taken, and Brute wants to see him crushed. He flips Viggo over and starts to crank on his lower back with a boston crab. Not getting any recognition out of Viggo, he puts him into a round of panful full and half nelsons. As Viggo is laying there helpless Brute starts digging into his back giving him a real agonizing stretch. Despite all the pain Viggo still hasn’t conceded Brute is better! Brute easily flips him into a back breaker on his knee from the half nelson, and Viggo is just dying! After some more pain and torture it’s time to make use of the ropes around the ring. Brute throws Viggo against the corner and starts putting his body through the ropes like a pretzel. Brute calls Viggo an amateur, and wants to introduce him to all the parts of the ring. He grabs Viggo’s head and slams his face into the opposite turnbuckle! Somehow Viggo is still standing, but not for long as Brute continues his barrage of attacks, ending with Viggo laying flat. Brute’s walking around Viggo thinking of what to do next, when Viggo pops up and starts his counterattack against Brute. Brute just stands there laughing as Viggo attacks, he’s simply way too massive for Viggo to do anything. Brute’s amusement doesn’t last long as he’s had enough of toying around with Viggo. He’s ready to make Viggo give once and for all and hear him say that he’s in fact the real deal. Brute knocks Viggo down and starts crushing him with an agonizing body scissors and finally hears Viggo give! Brute won’t let go with just the give and wants to hear him say he’s the real deal. As Viggo is finally giving in, Frey walks around the ring, claiming he’s the biggest deal of them all. Will Frey join the match and come to Viggo’s aid? Or is he just enjoying the show from the sidelines? Waiting for a victor to be decided before he gets his chance to take them down?