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Bryce vs Silverback - Mat Rats 50A

Bryce vs Silverback - Mat Rats 50A

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Silverback vs Bryce

These two wrestlers don't like each other from the start. While working out in the garage, getting ready to wrestle, Silverback makes a smart ass remark about Bryce's mom. That gets things going. Silverback has a big advantage at 245 lbs to Bryce's 188 lbs. The match starts out with Silverback getting Bryce in a full nelson on the mat with a painful leg lock. It looks like is going to be Silverback all the way as he punishes Bryce with head locks, arm bars and a few punches to the head added in. Bryce can't be counted out as he fights his way out of Silverback's repeated painful leg scissors and head locks. He turns it around and puts Silverback in a sleeper hold that almost ends the match. Silverback isn't ready for a nap and quickly puts Bryce in a boston crab that hurts to watch. The smaller guy has a few dirty tricks up his sleeve, though, and starts using the workout equipment to get the upper hand. This match isn't over till it's over as these two battle it out to the end.