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Eagle Bucky Bolt boston crab thighs pecs biceps arms

Bucky vs Bolt vs Eagle - Ring Wars 18

$ 18.00
$ 31.25

Has there ever been a more beautiful sight?  Eagle, in training shoes and tight blue trunks, and Bolt, barefoot in tiny coloured trunks, trashing each other over looks and respective stints at fitness modelling.  Eagle clearly has a size advantage over Bolt, but we've seen Bolt in action against bigger guys before – he’s tough!  A couple of collar & Elbow tie ups to feel each other out, and BAM!  Out of nowhere a double-clothesline floors both self-confessed pretty boys!  The hulking form of Bucky circles them, asking “Are we having a pose off?  Or are we here to wrestle?”  As if to demonstrate he already know the answer, Bucky scoops up the defenceless Bolt and slams him down HARD onto the canvas, followed swiftly by a sidewalk slam on Eagle!  Stomping on Eagle’s ribs, Bucky sees Bolt stirring. “Oh, you want one too?” Another sidewalk slam, this time on poor Bolt!  Bucky is cleaning house and not giving his hapless opponents an inch to mount any kind of offence!  Kicks to the midsection and a boot to the neck of Eagle, Bucky is giving the models a crash course in ringmanship!  Whilst Eagle is recovering, Bolt is choked and tied up in the ring ropes (which are PERFECTLY positioned…) – his pecs pounded by brutal Bucky!  A similar fate awaits Eagle, who is choked over the middle rope, then the bottom rope for good measure!

Buckly again switches his attention to Bolt who, a look of fear on his face, backs up against the corner.  But this is a wrestling ring – there’s nowhere to go and he is subjected to a swift kick to the midsection from the larger man.  Bucky’s arrogance shines through as he cockily kisses his fist, before drilling Bolt to the floor!  Only getting a one-count, Bucky rises to continue his assault on his smaller prey when Eagle tackles the heel to the ropes! Shoulder-barging Bucky into the corner, Bolt takes over, kicking and stomping on Bucky’s big pecs!  A clothes-line off the ropes has the formerly dominant Bucky winded on the canvas, in no shape to stop Bolt from exacting revenge for his earlier beating in the ropes!  He ties Bucky up in the ropes, pulling back hard, the rope digging deep into Bucky’s massive quads – you know what they say about payback!  Double-teaming has the big guy screaming!  Eagle has Bucky trapped in a tight Boston Crab, whilst Bolt taunts him, asking the heel if he wants to tap!  He doesn’t, so the punishment tennis continues, with the hapless heel being put into one hold after another!  Eagle traps Bucky in a vicious arm bar, with Bolt looking on in glee, secure in the knowledge that the tables are well and truly turned – that is until Bucky manages to reverse and catches Eagle in a Crab of his own!  But Bolt makes the save and Bucky is once again playing defence.  A full-nelson has the big guy trapped and on display, a prime target for Bolt to hammer his fists home!  Bucky is in real trouble, but don’t forget – this wasn’t the match-up that was scheduled and Bolt hasn’t forgotten either!  A quick jab to the abs of an unguarded Eagle has the model on the floor!  The smallest guy in the ring is the only one standing as he pounds Eagle’s knee into the canvas, trying to ground his former friend.  A full nelson has Eagle hurting but it’s not enough – he clothes-lines Bolt down and applies a painful leg lock, the anger of betrayal written all over his face!  Bucky is all but forgotten as a raging Eagle traps Bolt in a crushing reverse bear hug, shaking and squeezing him before throwing him down with force!  Bolt is trapped again, this time in a camel clutch, Eagles awesome torso straining with the effort of pulling his opponent back – this isn’t about winning the match anymore, it’s about teaching Bolt a lesson!  Bucky asks Eagle “You want to work together?”  “Yeah, let’s get him!”  Poor Bolt – you almost feel sorry for him, as Bucky picks his legs up in a Boston Crab whilst he’s still trapped in Eagle’s clutch!  His screams echo around the ring as his body is suspended and stretched between his bigger oppressors!  He taps!

Bucky offers his hand to Eagle to congratulate him on a job well done – don’t do it Eagle!  A show of sportsmanship quickly becomes a boot to the midsection as Eagle is doubled over and scooped up by the reinvigorated heel – RUNNING POWERSLAM!!!  Bucky stomps on Eagle, then turns to Bolt.  A blow to the back and Bolt is scooped up as well – another running powerslam!  The ring shakes with the impact of their bodies hitting hard!  Firmly back in control, the big heel traps both pretty boys in a has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed Boston Clutch combo, then seals the deal with a brutal finishing move that leaves both boys out cold!  Out wrestled and out smarted, will the pretty boys’ egos ever recover?